From last night until noon today I slept! But it was weird. I got up about 10 a.m. and took a shower. Combed my hair and went back to bed. I was seriously wiped out.

To show how strong a person’s subconscious can be, I remember last Wednesday, only two days ago, I said to someone I thought I would take Friday off! My brain had been blitzed but I thought I would just do something for myself… and I slept. I awakened, and it wasn’t a dream but wow, do I feel better?

So it’s afternoon and I am dressed and now “What to do?”

Someone told me I will never run out of projects… and I guess that is true and I have one. Last night my friend Bob Lynch ordered a Napoleon set (small and fearless!) at $59.95. I now have 5 left. So I will send that out today, but my pace will be a little more degraded than usual! But like I said, I have 5 more and the boxes to ship them in. The S&H is only $10.95.

2014 Results
I looked at my records last night and the results were, shall we say, nowhere near last years or any Decembers before that.

What happened? Don’t know but a number of people have told me about their troubles and, I feel for them. We are a big community. I applaud the theater in Texas which is going to show that film North Korea is “punishing” us for. I don’t applaud their stealing people’s Social Security numbers, and it does show that SONY was not prepared for this, and I imagine others weren’t either. When are we going to learn anything? You can imagine how short-sighted Sony’s chess playing skills are.


When I was a Boy Scout one of the things we were told was to be prepared. Instead, many, including hospital systems, will be “ready” after Ebola strikes. Well it did and some expect the Holidays to help it spread further due to all the visiting other countries which take place at this time of the year. Knuckleheads.

If they are of the prayerful sort I tell them I will pray for them, and, myself. If they are not the prayerful sort, there is nothing I can suggest that I know of which will work. That “cross my fingers” thing has NEVER worked and won’t. But how do we take HOPE and turn it into something meaningful? Generally, I will also suggest a certain amount of RELAXATION, but the right kind. Just because we like our work (or don’t like it) that doesn’t mean to do more!

I do want to thank those who have sent me a Christmas card or a Holiday Card. I know some more will be coming and I tape them to the back of my office door which is closed at this chilly time of the year. I should go out and get a Christmas tree but I would be celebrating by myself. Anyone out there that do that? How do you handle that? I am not too old to learn.

I want to thank my friend Jim Nickell for all the Chess Life’s he sent to fill in the gaps for me to ship overseas. What a great guy! Need two more so I need to look through my list of possible donors. You people helped make it a good week for Tony and me and I thank you.

Maybe a movie. Maybe start/finish the DVD on 1.b3 alternate responses. You know, don’t you, that Nakamura recently played it again and won in some blitz fest? A true pioneering American.

No more writing today, maybe an early movie (I doubt it). Will get two orders taken care of. I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend. But if you want something, just let me know. I should be getting some more merchandise later today or tomorrow. I’ve been told the P.O. is a bit backed up, but not my local one (think ineffective Chicago post office). Time to get something to eat gents.

If you already have the “chess stuff” for this season that you want, but you are still looking for that hard-to-find thing which will brighten up the day of someone, say your Dad, brother, or good friend, I suggest giving a visit. I’ve never been big on clothes as a gift, but I have changed my mind and they are having sales with up to 73% off! Lots of cool ladies’ stuff and odds and ends which are kind of attractive (cool) too. A free advertisement because, they “deserve” it and you do too.

the 25/8 chess guy

PS: Maybe I will try a movie tonight, there are at least 3 good ones out there.



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