I have a lot of things to do today and my “track record” for the month of December is terrible, so I will do those things which are beckoning me such as fixing up a visit to see my accountant (talk about a month where they are NOT busy!)

Yesterday I sent out a request letter for issues of CHESS LIFE which Tony Gillam needs and got quite a bit of response (!) I got reasons for why people don’t save their magazines, how they go “electronic” when they can, and all sorts of comments about chess life (not the magazine) etc. But I saw something that was missing which I can’t write about today.

I got a bulk email from a marketer I know in England who wrote about the “blahness” of December and people dropping off the face of the earth but how January is the best month of the 12 for sales. My experience exactly even 40 years ago!

A friend of mine does all of her shopping online but she doesn’t say WHO she buys from! Now I find she has been involved in jewelry and making her own presents so that doesn’t exactly mean she is “online” does it?

But I do want to say a “Big Thanks” to all those who wrote to tell me anything about their lives, I feel I know you better and it isn’t easy getting that kind of information sometimes.


My Wisconsin friend Jim Nickell is sending me all the missing Chess Life’s except two and I think I read someone will send me those. This has been a rout folks and I appreciate it. If any of you who answered my call want to buy something from the chess butler for $100 or less, you can take a 10% discount. I told a friend that I got great reaction from a bunch of people who wanted to help. It’s necessary in life to help others. Thank you.

There’s some other stuff too. I’ve been working heavily on bookkeeping for the past couple weeks and I am suffering from “fried-itis.” But then I hear there is a nasty bad virus going around, so I’ve been staying inside. I did however get a new front headlight put in and an oil change, these two things I did before finding out about the virus. Now that I plan to go nowhere I don’t think that takes a car!


I decided to give away a fifth of the cash and DVD prizes to the top 3 when the quiz is up. People in places 4 and 5 still have a chance to come in second or third as there are only two quizzes left. Another item off of the list.


I’ve been cleaning up my office. Irregularly stocked items are going onto a NEW list which I will send to those who have been buying from me lately. That would be almost “no one” in December but 1 or 2. But November counts. I have been collecting a pile of “Whatevers.” New and old. Quirky stuff and some items FREAKISHLY cheap as Eswara from California tells me.

Also in is a box of chess publications such as the NIC “Secrets” books, the Hugh Myers’ MOB (Myers Opening Bulletin), and the deft German chess publication “Kaissiber.” Now some of you can see reasons for STAYING IN THE LOOP with the Chess Butler. My sense of “fair play” ever since I was in grade school wants me to reward those who buy from me with first “looks” and “first dibs” on other things I get. With a few exceptions, and maybe none, program loyalty is fundamentally a thing of the past. However, guys like James Nickell had some very kind words for me and my many times at his events in Wisconsin and I thank you for that Jim. What a guy!

I am already looking forward to Spring and we aren’t getting much snow here, but, I am expecting it.

Hence, there will be some new lists being released soon. I am trying to get the book keeping done first however, so if you can think of a couple things you might want from my Dec. Holiday gift catalog (lots of books) that’s still enough to get you on the next list. In fact, we are expecting a BUSY January. I don’t understand it, but the car dealers tell me the same thing too! No joke.

There will be some new changes too with the Morphy Klub and some other things, so keep reading here every day and the occasional emails I put out. If you have a collection of good stuff you might want to consign, talk to me about it but I can tell you this: over the years, in order to eat, I sold many items I wish I still had. Think twice.

In me most recent mailings I have been hearing from former buyers who have been laid off, downsized or otherwise lost their jobs. I can relate. After 2006 I couldn’t find work, except what I created, to save my life and I have stuck with it for 8 years but it wears thin. So my hopes are for you guys who have gone through this, and my prayers so with you. Too many under-rate God because he won’t give us what we want, right now, while we have ignored him for years. It’s always up to him, be thankful for what you have. This period of solitude has taught me a lot. Now I am ready for new adventures and I hope you are too.

Peace be with you gentlemen. I do care about you and I have a story for 2015 along those lines too.

MORE…coming up.

Bob Long
The Chess Guy 25/8 as someone recently described himself (Ben Settle), so I thought I would copy that for the Chess Business.

In 2015 there will be NEW stories so stay with us. I don’t have to make up the stories, they just happen!


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