I’ve been offered, in a consignment status, 3 collections of magazines/books for chess folk (you and me).

The offerer is known to me and he told me this a.m. that I can take receipt of these items this coming Wednesday.

All the items are in good to excellent condition.

The owner is a doctor/writer who added many articles to Chessville when it was in operation, off and on, off and on.

What Are The Items?
Soon the “Chesser”, my alter ego, will be offering:

The Myers Opening Bulletin (MOB) and the “new” MOB
also includes a number of handwritten letters by Hugh Myers. Be prepared as he excoriates me and others he incorrectly disagrees with. I know what he was really like because he “worked” for me for 3 years when he couldn’t find employment with anyone else. This is a Complete Set. I was told someone has been trying to sell a complete set for $800, or $19 a piece. That’s a little high when taken out of context of the “worthwhile” things it does contain. Myers was born in the wrong era, he would have been better suited being from the 1890s when in English society it was a common practice to be on one side or the other and attack each other with unbridled venom. If you want to know more (it’s not about chess though) go to your favorite search engine and check out “Quarrels and coteries in the 1890s.” It’s about people with too much time on their hands and no smart phones to be embraced 24/7.

Then there is Kaissiber which is a German language chess publication. DO NOT get turned off by the language. 1) It is quite readable; 2) Great cover pictures such as Nimzovich; 3) Researched articles; 4) Outstanding games with OTW openings (at times) by such terrific players as Larry Chachere who pounded one of Myers pet systems into oblivion (Chachere is from Chicago) in a face-to-face game. A marvelous publication which is now deceased, unfortunately. Quality paper and many pages too.

Lastly, the “full run” of New in Chess’ Secrets of Openings Surprises. Here’s where it gets a little unusual in my experience. I sold these books to different customers in the USA for the period of their run. What was comical is the number of people in Europe who wanted them when they lived as little as ONE country away from the Netherlands where they were published! (in English!!) The topics and openings were almost always quite excellent, contained many games of high quality but not always well-known! I don’t remember how many there were but all that will be revealed soon.

These are volumes that not only would collectors want but also those who live for looking for the “secret sauces” they contain–surprises, dollops of poison, and scoundrel stuff designed to lay your opponents flat on their collective backs.

If you want to put in some opening bids, do so. The thing is, this is 3 lots and each lot will be sold as 1, that is, complete within itself. The reading you could take home with you, in all instances, could last for a significant amount of time. Oh but what fun!

Your scribe will have more details once the items have arrived. In the meantime, look at yesterday evening’s post too about SOME of the contents in the year’s worth of issues which will be published in the MORPHY INNER CIRCLE KLUB.

Chess doesn’t have to be a drudgelike affair. You can count on Thinkers’ Press doing all it can to liven up the chess press. For example, the new MORPHY idea. There are going to be some bonuses too for those who sign up! People love bonuses because, they don’t have to pay for them and hopefully they will get a lot of value too and my warped mind already has some excellent ideas… one of which I was looking at this morning. Don’t worry, if you have already subscribed, you will get them too and maybe more because you did so EARLY.

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Bob Long
Chess’ 24/7 guy


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