IM Andrew Martin said he sent out a Twitter blast to his 900 followers. One fellow came aboard today but I don’t think this was because of Andrew (he didn’t say).

Mike Vuolo said he didn’t get the point of Twitter unless it was to just say something following some event like Christ coming back for the second time. That would give us goosebumps and I doubt anyone would be twittering… do you? Mostly I think they would be looking for toilet paper!

I can’t think of anything to announce that I couldn’t announce here even though Word Press has changed the looks of their blogging stuff once again (I really dislike that). Can’t make up their mind. I was eating a late supper last night when this couple walked in. She immediately went to her hone, the guy was looking on the menu to order. She would keep her phone off and then on, but never took her finger off of it. Seemed rude to me, he didn’t seem to mind, probably hoping he would get lucky later, but I bet she took her phone with her.

Andrew has asked me several times if I have signed up yet, and I’ve said “No.” I don’t see the hurry although I appreciated what he did for me. Maybe I’ll do it this weekend. I like the idea for people ordering something, not for shooting the breeze, I already get that without Twitter.

In the marketing business I was told that in years past people would see an ad somewhere and in the ad it might say, “For a recorded message about XYZ call this number (blah) (blah) (blah).” And it worked pretty well so I asked the obvious question and was told, “People are afraid if you say ‘Call me at XYZ’ you will try to sell them something!’ “What’s wrong with that?” I asked? Why are you calling that ad’s number in the first place (unless you are a competitor)?”

I was bowled over. Apparently they were afraid someone would have a silver tongue and thus be so good they could sell anything. Ah, if it were only so. My former wife Sarah was an excellent salesperson and had great rapport with people. But even she couldn’t sell a log cabin to someone with no money! (At one time she did sell log cabins and now it is insurance, but why were they calling in the first place? My guess is they wanted to know: “How much?” even if they were broke.) Apparently the White House was good at telling people to buy homes with virtually no money down and there were a lot of fools who did that! Results? economic housing CRASH!!

If I were to sell via phone it would have to be some expensive stuff to make up for the time on the phone, like say at least $100. Can you imagine doing that with chess people? You can? Tell me where.

I sell this really, really, super nice chess set, the Grand Turk. It’s almost $1,000. Everybody, literally, not figuratively, loves it. But often that is as far as it goes. And, I am unwilling to lie about it and say something like, “With this set your rating will go through the roof. You will be the envy of all your friends. Burglars from all over the USA will break into your house just to get a look at it!”

However, it tends to sell itself. I can see sets really similar to it and tell the differences right away. And even you would agree and say, you wanted “The good-looking one.”

But I won’t lie to you. Can’t do that, it’s not right. If you get it and don’t like it, you can end it back as long as it looks as good when you return it as when I sent it out.

What I want to do is sell an amazing set so you won’t need to ever buy another unless you are a collector. And when people buy the Grand Turk “there is no way” they are going to take it away, outside their house, to play on it. Some don’t want the fancy boxes I can have made to house it, they are going to leave it out on a table. Good for them. Leave the kids and animals outside.

FIDE commissions a chess set for the Carlsen-Anand match. Some guy designed it with the idea of using architectural elements from Grecian periods, blah blah blah and don’t you know? I was recently on a website where the commentators really went to town on this set saying he ripped it off from another set designer (and of course offering no details or other information). Was that exactly true (especially the Knight?) I can’t rightly say. Apparently FIDE had this idea of using sales from the set to help defray the cost of the event. Has anyone done the math on this? I don’t think they did. Let’s say $500 per set. Let’s say the match retainers, arbiters, engineers, speech makers, FIDE’s 20%, etc. came to $8,000,000 (that’s merely a guess but I doubt if I am far off). How many sets is that? A lot. 16,000 of them!

They did have some Russian sponsors but I don’t know how much they put up, do you? A couple mill. Then 10,000 sets is still a lot of sets. Did you get one? My aesthetics couldn’t stand what they were doing and it was an insult to Nathaniel Cook.

Lastly, I took a chance and ordered a copy of Simon William’s new DV called Most Amazing Moves. It has a runtime of 5.5 hours. There is video feedback. He has a training database of 50 games. I have one in stock for $36.00 + $3 for shipping first class in the USA. Want one? Write me at info@chessbutler.com
On the back of the box you can read “His first chess book, ‘Play the Classical Dutch’ got voted in New in Chess as one of the to 10 chess books of all time!” Not bad Simon! As good as he writes, he’s even better on video.

Pretend I am a bartender tonight instead of a Butler. Tell me what you will be having! I’ll see what I can do.

info@chessbutler.com or 563-271-6657


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