I can’t believe it!

Andrew Martin, the international master, and friend for 25 years said he took my pitch about the MORPHY INNER CIRCLE KLUB and sent it out to 900 of his followers. So far I haven’t heard from one soul.

But, I am going to try it anyway! That’s my style. What do we get, 140-146 characters?
WHAT if I was famous? In some quarters people do know me because of Thinkers’ Press. If I was famous would you say something helpful for this Morphy Project? Like, “I’ve subscribed myself” or “This sounds really good.”

I will put out some kind of sample for those who just absolutely have to have one to make a decision. It won’t be a complete issue for the freebie seekers because the first issue will be important, as all premier issues are supposed to be.

Morphy, in his day, was a “King of the Hill” type guy when it came to two types of chess events: 1) Pawn and move; and 2) Blindfold chess.
What do you know about pawn and move, or a Queen’s Knight deletion? Purdy wrote about it some. There were accepted practices for BLACK and WHite. Why do you think that was? To make it EASIER for the guy giving you the FREE LUNCH. Guys like Blackburne were master’s at this type of play. In fact, Blackburne was quite a blindfold player too. Anything to speed the game up, get it over with and get paid! These guys were SHOWMEN. I wonder of P.T. Barnum ever met any of them. I can imagine Barnum would have thought the process to slow under any rules. I am sure there was some short attention spans even in those days.

So, I hope to write Eliot Hearst again (wrote him a year or two ago) about Morphy and Blindfold Chess. This is how it gets started. He may agree to write something for free, or a fee. He may say NO, but I won’t know unless I try. Activate your brain, say “giddyup” That’s how it starts.

It’s $295 to sign up. I already have a Morphy book planned. One reason is that I have seen a number of them over the years and honest-to-Pete, they couldn’t get me excited. The writer has to have a little Howard Cosell in him. A little chutzpah. If it’s boring, no one will read you. When I was a grade school kid my reading comprehensions scores weren’t all that great (my Mom’s was amazing). These paragraphs about somebody living in a shack on a hill and someone was coming to visit them, who was it? Dry as Dust, that’s who it was. I’m going to do some digging into Morphy’s life and get a little fictional realism by reading Frances Parkison Keyes’ novel on Morphy (she pronounced it Kies, like in skies). I’ve been told it’s petty good. I’m going to read it even though I don’t like most female writers (I find they have a hard time getting to the point). Just MY opinion.

See you Monday and I am working like crazy to get issue #187 of my News Letter out tonight.


PS: Do you have a Twitter account? If so, what is your hashtag? I haven’t joined yet so hold your horses.
The Chess Guy 24/7


One thought on “I’M GOING TO JOIN ”TWITTER” !!

  1. I looked up Andrew Martin and now following him on Twitter. Just my opinion but I have been unimpressed with Twitter. It might have a slight business use but that might even be stretching it. I think it is more important to people who want opinions in the real time ie: newscasters/host of talk shows etc. that look for immediate feedback. But then again I do not belong to the “modern” age so I may be all wrong.

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