I need some help, and in return I promise you a free copy of the December issue of Bob’s News Letter. It’s a fat one for this month! Not only will you find something useful in BNL for you, you will be doing me (and my wallet) a BIG favor. And, there is MORE!

Paul Morphy is an American Chess Legend Genius. We have someone to be proud of in that fellow. According to Garry Kasparov we’ve had other greats such as Pillsbury, Capablanca, and Fischer–but Paul Charles Morphy started it all. From 1857-1859 any serious amateur had heard of him as he vanquished both Americans and Europeans alike. A few won a couple of games here and there but within a couple of those games he brought out the hammer (or gavel if you prefer, he was a lawyer). He pounded them senseless when it came to overall results.


But first, in that issue will be lists of books, a few articles on chess, some Christmas gifts and a lot of coverage of the NEW “Morphy Inner Circle Klub.” That is, its aims, stories, games, and positive American Chess P.R. We’ve had all kinds of personalities on stamps: sports figures, famous black or white people, politicians, and probably even the dog-catcher (locally!) but we’ve never had anything on “Chess” even though many presidents played it. Movie stars and tennis stars even play it when there is down time (A report on that is coming in an issue or two of Bob’s News Letter). This idea of a stamp for US chess or Paul Morphy was proposed as far back as 1957 or 1958 and nothing happend–that’s a sure sign that commemorative stamps is a political thing.

Anyway, in the Dec. issue (#187) there will be a lot of information of the Morphy Inner Circle Klub. People are not automatically accepted (which will probably piss a few people off who have the money but not the time (mostly, not the inclination) to do or say one thing about the Klub). Even people who hog the “conversation” occasionally have something of interest. Those who have the fees but no time for anyone, they don’t impress me much except for their “Bill Cosby-like silence.”

In 2003, I think it was, I began publishing SQUARES. Now I will admit the first 4 issues cost only $30, but we had 500 subscribers!!! (I had spent $3K to get those 500 subscribers!) Still, it wasn’t enough to cover all the printing costs, so these issues for the first year will come to you via PDFs. 8-12 pages per month plus other news letters, artwork, games, and such. A few “raising Cain” issues and the like. What was Morphy’s favorite chess set? Did he ever play prisoners? Did he and Staunton ever play at least 1 game?

This Charter Inner Circle will have “exclusivity” going for it. A few hurdles to get over. In fact I read a statistic by the author of a book on handling people. He said 95% (that’s a very large number) of people won’t do anything unless there is a LOT of self-interest involved. For example, I live a half-block from a polling station in Davenport. In 2012 I saw lots of American blacks in lines at the polls. Some didn’t know how to vote at all. Most I had NEVER seen at any polling place. In 2014 at mid-term time, there were none there when I went to vote, just like in previous years. In 2012 “more benefits” was the reason. In 2014, not so.

So, while I hope to contact many people this time, in the hope of maybe 100 subscribers, I know we (me and you) will have to contact chess clubs, friends, ICC people, users, schools, etc. I wish I could say it will be easy, but if it was easy, no one would subscribe because they would figure the outliers would find it out all by themselves.

But, I have a Couple of Incentives!
Back in the 1850s a guy named Gage struck a coin (or medallion if you will) at the age of 16 (!, another go-getter) with the likeness of Paul Morphy on it. I commissioned some with some modifications and had them cast in Bronze and Gold (plated). Naturally the gold one is more expensive than the bronze one, but the bronze one is hard to photograph with a digital camera. It’s so shiny that any light plays with the camera. I put a couple gold ones in the LID of the expensive storage boxes for the Grand Turk chess set.

But I am willing to give away one of these Gold Morphy’s to the one who sends me (with their permission of course) names and email addresses of people who can be sent the December 2014 issue.
Chess players are hard to move so let me say this: I doubt if anyone will be sending me 200 legitimate names for me to email them a special PDF Morphy issue. But I can only give out one and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the “earnest and assertive” types will get me more than 15-25 possibles. I could be wrong. This MIGHT capture their attention. But, just so you try and don’t count yourself out, there will be 5 Bronze Morphy Coins also given away for places 2-6! So that’s 6 chances right there pal! Read next paragraph.

When I was a kid, we had this ice cream social thing at my school. The one who sold the most tickets got some kind of “cool” prize (I don’t remember what it was, but I do remember it being very cool.) Honest to God I thought I would win it because I had sold about 100 Ice Cream Social tickets! Maybe a buck a piece. My Mom drove me all over town, to her friends (she had a lot of friends!) and anyone I could think of (My friends, unfortunately, and myself, well, we all went to the same school!) $100 at some age like 12 was a lot of dough to me. Maybe $500 today!

The guy who won sold about 200-400 tickets as I recall by standing in front of a Grocery Store and beating up everyone who walked in to get groceries! I had no idea I could do that, I thought the grocery stores frowned on that (in other words, shooed people away with a 12-gauge.) In the vernacular, the kid was a knowledgeable little bastardo! Kudos to him, I guess.

I sell my gold Morphy coin at $125. The bronze coin for $50.00. You could have a real collectible friends. Use your thinking cap, you have 6 chances to have a really cool collectible. I first saw the “real thing” about 20 years ago when I had bought a coin collection. I “sold it in a trade.” $1,500 worth of books for ole Paul Morphy coin. The books were sold for $4-5 a piece and nothing special. I screwed myself majorly. Only 10-11 people entered the Bob’s News Letter Quiz, I am hoping we can do better on this promotion. It’s not necessary to get out of your Barcalounger. Use your iPad, iPhone. At last a real use for those!

I am going to the USCF to try to get some club information, and things like that. I don’t expect much. They have a growth problem because they are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings; they just don’t know how to ask.

Send me the information (name and email address) of people you contacted about getting a free copy of the Dec. issue of 2014 on Paul Morphy and what we are trying to do. I will keep all the information ON an Excel spreadsheet. If you are one of the winners, I will publicize on this BLOG.

All I can say now is THANKS. If someone else has submitted the same person’s name and email address it will be counted toward the person who submitted it first (though I would think it would be unlikely that that person would give his name to two different sources, but you never know). If someone can get me 100 names, they will also get a free paid subscription to Morphy’s Inner Circle Klub if I sell to at least 2 people from their list, successfully.

I would like to conclude this CONTEST by January 31, 2015.


Bob Long
email: or 563-271-6657



  1. I will publicize this on Twitter. I have 900 followers. Hopefully,some of them will get in touch.


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