The used books section of The Chess Butler took a beating with our 3 lists: A, B, C. Many items I could have sold twice, three times, and in one case 4. I did play fair with everybody: not letting anyone leap ahead of the line (though I am sure some won’t believe that). But, I may change that practice and defer first to those who are “regular” customers.

Regular, how would I define that?
I would define that as not just hearing from you when there is a BIG SALE going on. More than twice a year could be tossed in there too.

You don’t have to be a Macy’s every week person. Or a Bloomingdale’s once a month regular, but I do have to please you in such a way that even though you might look at other sites, when it comes to “buying time,” you aren’t gonna leave me under a bus.

You’ll want to read me (and plenty do but they never buy) and be a regular purchaser. So I will have to create some kind of rewards or loyalty program, but the “bookkeeping” for that is a very big deal, but I have an idea where both of us can benefit and it will be released in February with the:


12 distinct letters, one for each month. That means, for example, the first letter “M” will pertain to books whose main book title has an “M” in it. Thus any of the “Move by Move” titles will qualify. Of course to get the bigger discount (30% in most cases) you must be a Morphy Inner Circle Klub member (my German “roots” are showing). I am going to SAMPLE this month of December for you! But the pick of the month, for this December, will be Everyman Chess because they have the most books available. If I run out of publishers we will start over.

So the first thing I will do for “Bob’s News Letter” for December is to have a catalog with Everyman Chess books in it. Those who are eligible for the bigger than usual discount will be the GOLD CARD MEMBERS… you know, those who paid $50 to get bigger discounts? Those members. Just this month for that 30% off. After that, starting in February, you will have to join the M.I.C.K. (Morphy Inner Circle Club).

There’s two ways you can do that:
1) A Yearly membership is $295 (12 months). If you pay in advance, that is, in December, you can get a quick $25 discount. That is you can get into this Charter Chess Club for $270. You will also get the Morphy Coin mailed to you in the month of December.

Bob, How About US Poor Guys? What Can You Do for Us?
Funny thing, I do have something for you. It’s called CONTINUITY. You pay $29.95 a month for the benefits, but before you start paying only $29.95 a month, you have to join for 3 months, at $89.85 for the first 3 months then you are eligible to get the Morphy Coin which has a $50 value! You may have seen a picture of this beautiful marvel. It is in antique bronze. That way you too will be able to get discounts up to 30%, like the old style $50 Gold Card.

My Monthly Newsletter
Like I said, more details will be in the December issue of “Bob’s News Letter” which will cost you nothing extra if you are a Subscriber OR are a Gold Card member for 2014. Three have joined already, sight unseen. Andy Ansel will be an associate editor. Andrew Martin will be producing at least 6 PRIVATE videos on YouTube for us, one every other month. Even the great Tarrasch is going to annotate a Morphy game which is strenuously amazing. And we will pick up others along the way I am hoping.

“They” say the best way to know if this will be a winner is to do a TEST. That is, do, say, a first month test, give away stuff, pile it on, and see what the reaction is. If it is good, then go with it. If not, shut it down and refund people’s money. That latter option will put me in the poor house as I am doing this with my own money (which almost everyone says is stupid). The Coins have been paid for, the membership cards will be ordered in December, etc. Every night I will be working on issues of newsletters, letters, filling orders, etc. No LOVE life!! (Clearly!) If I get any help, that would be great. Trying to find a woman named “Batgirl.” She knows more about Morphy than Edward Winter! maybe more than anyone else.

The idea came about when I was in Chicago in May. Tell you more later. Most of my Gold Card holders spend more than $30 a month anyway, so this is the proverbial icing on the cake, or the Black Forest cake and you know how scrumptious that is? Did you know that Kasparov thought it a little odd that 4 of the GREATEST chess players in history came from the Americas: Morphy, Pillsbury, Capablanca and Fischer. That’s something to celebrate.

This is a chance to be something and to do something greater than what you have done in chess and have a whale of a good time doing it. If, perchance you subscribed earlier to my Wild West Continuity program and never got one thing for your money (except for those who asked for an got refunds, you can use that as a partial payment for the M.I.C.K.! (I like that acronym, do you? Easy to remember.)

I’ve been playing with ideas for the first issue of the Morphy News Letter, the Black and White news letter, and any Special news Letters. If we can get enough subscribers, about 100, it will come printed and in the mail to you, starting in 2016 if we keep doing this! I also have an idea for a booklet on Morphy, with Rob doing the artwork, and M.I.C.K. members will get it at a HUGE discount!

Does it take courage to spend almost $300 on chess?
You’ll have to answer that question yourself. Right now I am looking in full or in part for back issues of THE LEAVES OF CHESS. I had a lot of those issues but not a complete set. Edward Winter crabbed about it some which tells me I will like it! Few people have heard of it, and even fewer had copies of it. If you can help me with your issues, I will look through them for remarkable pieces and return them to you when finished. THANKS.

Again, I am selling you on the FUN aspect, the entertainment value, the new charter value and the fact that there will be some amazing King’s Gambit games. In fact, one was played internationally yesterday (or was it today?) Zvjaginsev drew his King’s Gambit today with Jakovenko!! As one moronic commentator said, “Is that still being played today?” Remember when Carlsen played a KG a couple years ago against a top Chinese GM? and won! They aren’t prepared to take their medicine!

Thinkers’ Press publications are interesting I’ve been told, over and over and I haven’t even told you about the CJS Purdy photograph Robert Jamieson found for me the other day that was virtually unknown. It was a picture of Purdy playing chess against a top US tennis player (Purdy was also known as a very capable tennis player, after all, he was from Australia). You just know we are going to use this picture for something important! Not wearing tennis togs in this photo, but a handsome suit and tie.

As usual, you can pay by the usual methods: CC, checks, money orders, and PayPal. You can join for a year at $295 (or $270 if you pay in December, this special rate WILL NOT be offered in January), or $29.95 a month starting with month 4. The first three months must be paid at once, $89.85.

THIS is a CHARTER membership, where you can get in on the ground floor baby!

Send to me, Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport IOWA 52803.

If I forgot to say it, you can get the December issue of Bob’s News Letter for $5.00 if you don’t want to pay $20 to subscribe to 12 issues (including back issues). Questions? Drop me a line at info@chessbutler.com

thank you… BOB

–that would be something most of us could use and look forward to.


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