While the word “Cyber Monday” is being bandied about I am looking at it as a “new beginning.”

The photographs for my Mom’s Funeral this Friday have all been scanned (and there must’ve been a couple thousand to choose from). They will be in the process of being emailed today to my artistic sister Joani.

Some great memories and a lot of people who were my grandmother’s relatives, I don’t know. Maybe my sister Rita can create a couple big scrapbooks, she is good at that.

Over this weekend that was finished and this morning, I am a little late. My apologies, of course, to those who are waiting with bated breath about their recent Black Friday orders. Keep sending in the Cyber Monday orders, things will be better tomorrow.

I’ve also got checks in envelopes on one of my desks but with no information of what they are for! I never quite understand this just like I am sure my customers don’t understand why their orders, in a few cases, haven’t yet been filled. I may be “the chess 24/7 guy” but I do have to sleep.

Always a good idea to tell me what, specifically, you are paying for because it helps me speed everything up. Right now the left hand side of my desk is piled with info as I fight my way through it to square everything up.

Yesterday I sent a long (pun intended) email about the upcoming Morphy Club. I left a few things out, by accident, which will be covered in the Dec, 2014 issue of “Bob’s News Letter.” Such as, anyone who subscribed to my “Wild West Continuity” news letter, and who wasn’t sent a refund, can apply it to the Morphy Club (which starts in Feb. 2015). Plenty of other stuff to tell you also. I’ve been cooking at home too, trying to save every minute. I’ve discovered this cooking at home thing can taste pretty good.

I am wading through emails to determine who ordered certain things first… and then there are new orders. While there may be a few who think I am “whooping it up” with all the orders coming in, you must be smoking something odd… because most of these are not my products, but that of others, and heavily discounted at that. They have made some space available, always a good thing. I am starting to be able to walk up and down my stairs again! (My “shelving of last resort.”)

And, virtually no new book orders… but soon, I am hoping, all of that will be put into perspective.

What I have appreciated is hearing from you! I really mean that.

I probably won’t be back on this Blog until tomorrow. This morning I hit the ground running, as I did last week, and now, it’s time to get into the shower, so I can stand myself.

Take another look over the lists I have sent out because this is pretty much “Last Chance” saloon as I will be returning unsold “chess stuff” when I am finished… takes up too much space down stairs. However, don’t fret, I have more books, periodicals, and chess equipment on the second floor which I haven’t touched in years.

See you soon.

And, I do mean I appreciate hearing from you.

The Chess Guy 24/7


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