Tonight I am working, again, on the Black Friday SALE. Try this one. I am working on a few “foreign” titles and I discovered something from my past.

Over the years I have sold quite a few famous “chess autographs.” The one I discovered today was famous from 1972 and a picture of him sitting in a wheel chair at the closing ceremony for Carlsen-Anand and the speaker was V. Putin. Give up? It is B. Spassky!! I recognized the Cyrillic written characters but more than that, Spassky has a slight affectation in his autograph. It’s on pg. 40 right over the game Spassky-Taimanov. The owner must’ve been Russian as he has ink and pencil notes in the first half of the book, plus pencil and pen underlines throughout the first 25% of the book: This slipped by Phil Wong (the owner) but you have it here, on my Blog. It’ll be on the Black Friday list (which will be part of the next newsletter) but it is advertised right now. If you would like a book on chess openings (heavy text) with an autograph of the 10th world chess champion, you can have this puppy, all for yourself for just $50.00.

Based on the number of people who are looking at these lists and ordering within a couple minutes of each other, I have to have some kind of a tiebreaker. So the tiebreaker is this: you have to order something (anything from previous two Black Friday lists (and it must be in stock, so listing alternates is a good idea). Many of these items are inexpensive so it’s not like your wallet is taking a pounding. Look at it like this, a small price increase on the autograph is what we are talking here. Add $5 for S&H. PayPal, CC, check, etc. is OK.

Better git… lots going on. Apparently the average Turkey-eater dude chows down 4000 calories tomorrow. So I am going to take that part easy while playing DOOM III with my grandson. He’s all about “dooming” his grandfather.

Happy Thanksgiving Troops. Hug your family.

Bob Long, the 24/7 chess guy


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