This was a Tina Turner song. She’s 75 either yesterday or today. It was a real pump you up song, as Arnold might say.

I am indeed Thankful for my customers. Without them, if not for them, I would only be a voice in the desert crying out, “Wot Happened?”

Dave Dee is a fellow I met several months ago in Chicago
Dave is a great presenter. This morning I opened up my INBOX and Dave had a letter there about Thanksgiving and I wanted to repeat it (in my own words) because I am on the same track that he is on.

Six Reasons I am Thankful for You
1. You are a remarkable. Not for nothing is the umbrella company called Thinkers’ Press. You guys are thinkers and I am happy to have you in my fold. When I am at an event, or out and about, as soon as I come across someone in my bailiwick, I make an effort to meet and greet. In 2010 at my LAST Chess Clinic I literally had the time of my life. I loved answering your questions and autographing books! I am thankful for that.

2. You guys love the things I try to do and encourage me. Because of that I stretch more, do more, and when I have to, get up early in the morning or work late at night. You even helped me buy a lap top to keep up with you. While many helped in that endeavor, a special thanks goes to Dr. Julian Wan who went nuts and made it easy for me to go to my local Apple dealer and get the ball rolling immediately. Thank you, it’s a productivity monster. You ten guys who helped me get to Cleveland in 2012 are responsible for changes and new attitudes which have arrived since then. I am thankful for that.

3. “Get it.” You guys know what I am doing. And while I wish more of you would articulate on that, and help spread the news, I do get feedback and support from you or you wouldn’t be reading this. As a chessist, it doesn’t bother you to keep up with me and I do appreciate it. I love your feedback and “thumbs up” attitude. I am thankful for that.

4. You have said “yes.” When I try to do something new, like the Morphy Club, many said, “Let’s see what you are doing Bob. It sounds like fun.” Innovation is what we are about and I thank you for not shying away. More details will be released within a few days. I am thankful for that.

5. Stayed with me. Some of you go back to the early 70s and I am thankful for that. Continuity helps when all else fails. Many stuck with me when I went to Georgia, at least for the Thinkers’ Press part such as when I published my semi-biography. Now TPi is entering a new phase of creativity, diversity, and curiosity. And we are growing again. For the referrals you have send this way, I am thankful for that.

6. Shared ideas with customers and myself in the pages of my News Letter. These things, in their own way, offer me a lot of encouragement and without that, I can produce nothing–it’s too lonely of an island. I want to thank all the women in my life who in some way have helped and cared about me. Painful but growing at the same time. I am thankful for that and you.

I am heading to my youngest son’s for Thanksgiving dinner which his beautiful Renee has prepared. I hope to take on my grandson’s newest version of DOOM, called DOOM III on the Xbox. What the heck, it’ll be fun. My day to get out of any “ruts” which might appear in the road. My Mom passed away two days ago and I am thankful she went peacefully, in her sleep. As I told a friend, she was 50% of my DNA. Got me started in college by encouraging me to fill out papers for a presidential scholarship. I was a “C” student in HS, she believed in me. I became an “A student” in college because a few people believed in me, and thus I gravitated toward one of the toughest subjects in the curriculum, mathematics. Me, a guy getting Cs and D’s in geometry. I was the poster child for what can be done when you have a Mom backing me, God’s belief in me, and a work ethic I didn’t know I had until my senior year. Then, I married the smartest girl in my High School class! She was the only female to get into the top 4 categories of the Air Force entrance exam! That included the Class valedictorian (which she was NOT!) Wow. I just didn’t want her to escape from me, so I married her! Got 3 great kids out of this. I am thankful for that. And many more.

Happy Thanksgiving you geniuses!! My term which is reserved for, the best of the best.

Tonight I will send out the latest edition of my BLACK FRIDAY listing, Part C, which I call, JUMBOZILLA!

Bob, the 24/7 chess guy.



  1. I’m sorry for the loss of your mother. My mother died this month as well. She was 102. These are the people who first give us life itself then a life of values.

    Ira Schoenwald

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