I had mentioned owning a brick and mortar chess and games store and that reminded Rusty Miller when he had a small book store. He said he did $2,500 worth of business the two days before Christmas. He further said that he had to close the store because the guy he “bought it from opened a store nearby with a better location and larger stock. Went to work for Yasser (Seirawan).”

That’s a shame but there are a lot of people out there whose only imagination is to copy what someone else is already doing. Doesn’t bother their conscience either because they “have a right!” Would I have a right to open up two more stores in the area and then completely put THEM out of business? There’s a difference between “right” and “ethical.” The “rights” folks never talk about ethics or the morality of something.

When I was in the typesetting business (starting out of my home in my basement), I was the cheapest guy in town, didn’t advertise, just serviced a couple clients who had only one thing on their mind: SPEED of tournaround. All the competitors took their sweet time getting their jobs finished while having a regular job elsewhere. I did two different things. I got my clients’ jobs to them the next day, even if I had to work until 1 or 2 in the morning, and I started building a type library. At that time having 1250 typefaces was a large library. Film and digital and 50% were royalty faces (we had about $45K in typefaces). The typesetters in my town wouldn’t spend money on quality type. Their loss. When the clients of some competitors saw what I had, they wanted their typesetters to have the same typefaces but lower their prices! Incongruous huh? Before all the typesetting businesses had to close down due to desktop publishing (and what started coming out was awful), typefaces, inc. (my company) had the highest charges in town because we could deliver on time, every time and I had the skilled personnel to make it happen + the huge type library. We also offered dark room services, art and design and what not. It was the most agonizing fun I could have and be legal.

Competitors tried poaching 3 of my people. Again, don’t build your own business steal it from someone else. Our prices were raised according to NEED not just to do it. Another company hired a consultant to beat our time and they tripled their prices, overnight. And promptly went out of business. What kind of a consulting job was that?

I occasionally get other stories from those who read this blog. Mike Vuolo won the 6 pack of cards from the Sinquefield Cup by informing me that Nokie Edwards played a great guitar for the Ventures. Mike is from Wisconsin. Coming in second place was Greg Delaney, also from Wisconsin. Greg did mention to me that his ex-wife had a son who knew all about famous guitarists and Nokie was one of them. So congrats gents.

I have ONE Predecessors book written by Kasparov left, where he autographed it. 3 were sold. The one I have is Part II, featuring Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov, and Tal. I had it listed at $49 but will knock it down to $39 to the first person who sends me PayPal, Check, or uses a credit card we take. Add $6 for shipping. Remember, JUST ONE.

NOPE, no listing next week of 5 books per day. One world championship game tomorrow, and possibly one on Tuesday. Anand is fighting hard, Carlsen is defending with the same vigor. It looks as if Carlsen’s defensive moves are a little better or Anand’s choices are just a tiny bit worse. But then all these commentators are showing they don’t have all the answers either as Peter Svidler knows.

Will it go the distance or be over tomorrow? Wonder if there will be a book or maybe only a Gambit eBook which no one should give a darn about. I haven’t heard from ONE person who has chess eBooks and who likes them. Are YOU the first? (There is no prize for answering). What some people weren’t told is that formatting a chess eBook isn’t easy or cheap. I don’t think the printed chess books days are anywhere near over.

TUNE in to the next Bob’s News Letter (Nov-Dec) for the answer. $20 for 12 issues.

One more warning. I started out with a dozen of the Budrosewood analysis sets, and I have 5 left. Still have the marked down price of $42.50 + shipping if you get your order to me before Nov. 30 is over. It’s sharp looking. You can hold the board at a 70 degree angle and the pieces won’t fall off and it is real wood. Not putty, not plastic, real wood. Board is the box, the squares look inlaid but someone told me they aren’t but didn’t say how they knew.

Gonna be working really hard this week, the Black Friday week. Don’t snooze..

the chess 24/7 guy with the corn cob pipe in his mouth!

PS: We all like to be special at times, don’t we? What makes YOU stand apart from the next guy? I know what makes the chess butler stand apart from all those “competitors” out there: flexibility, inventory, quick shipping, and favored terms. Geez, what’s that? It’s things like really good customers get to see and buy things before anyone else know about it. Some items are gone and will never be seen by anyone else. This is business. They say it’s all about relationships. It is. It really is. I sent out 600+ emails today and the regulars were around… God bless ’em. They help keep the wheels turning. I love a mutual admiration society.

Now, back to filling orders. Soon I will be offering “stuff” where I can make a few bucks in return, because that is the real oil the wheels need.


PPS: Another thought. I was working on the Morphy Gazette or whatever will be the name of the Morphy Club newsletter today. It gets my hopes up. I’m also selling the Morphy Coins. They list at $49.95. And for the time being, they will be $40.00. I also have clear plastic vinyl cases coming here to put the coins in. They are FREE to those who order and right now will only be used for the Morphy Coins.

The Gold coins are so dazzling that when I try to photograph them ON a chess box, I can not get a good picture! That’s Bright as Brillo.


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