Get ’em while I got ’em.

Just checked the Gambit books website and there are NO new Gambit books that I can see. All are Kindle or e-Books, and it appears they are taken from the original books. I don’t know what they look like or operate as, because my Nov.-Dec issue of Bob’s News Letter will have more information ($20 for 12 issues while IT lasts!) on eBooks.

I am sure they are selling somewhere but where? Europe? Tannu Tuva? Maybe they will find Richard Feynman there. Is the material freshened or supplemental? Nope as far as I can tell. Is John Nunn still getting his own royalty checks?

I have a slew of Gambit books on my shelves and they have to go. The only new book I see up on those shelves is the John Nunn COURSE where he opines on the games of Lasker, by Nunn so no paying royalties to foreigners with impossible to pronounce names.

With at least two NEW companies in Europe coming out with chess openings books, it’s my mission to get rid of Gambit books as soon as I can. So, it’s an evening on the calendar of Friday. FOUR more books at cost to unload (sorry GAMBIT, what else would you call it?).

So I am going to listen to Don Gibson for awhile and his “Sea of Heartbreak” while I lament the passing of Gambit

The English Attack by IM Tapani Sammalvuo. From Finalnd he elucidates on the Be3 and f3 aspects of attacking the Sicilian Najdorf. If you are into details like some Najdorfers I’ve known, this tome is packed with them. There are also tips and summaries at the end of each of the 13 chapters including those pertaining to the Scheveningen. The retail of this 272 page monster is $28.95. For you however, I have two and you can have 1 or more at $15.34 each.
NOTE: Before you “despise” the Najdorf because of its reputation as a “bad ass,” just imagine how many of your Sicilian games you could make SHORTER by the correct use of the English Attack (as many of the British GMS did). Before your opponent knows it, with this book you will discover he has walked into a real wet cowpie.

the SLAV by Graham Burgess. Also brand new condition (as all these are). At one time I spurned the Slav because it looked pretty darn complicated, and it can be. But now I think, “Why not learn the basics, chances are my opponents won’t know them so we will be on pretty even footing, and he is BLACK!” It sounds “stodgy” until you get into trouble and the Slav is great at creating trouble–proof that Shirov plays it from either side. By the way, we haven’t heard much from him lately have we? This is a $22.95 bargain at retail. For you (just one) it’s a massive bargain at $12.16 + the $5 for S&H if you get just one.

Play the Alekhine by Valentin Bogdanov. What I like about this defense is that those who have played it for years have tons of wins with it, and swear by it. If a new book comes out and it is any good on the A.D. you can expect it to sell. Well, it doesn’t look like you will be seeing anymore from Gambit. This Bogdanov is an IM with 30+ years of experience as a trainer and we wish him well. He had done 3 books for Gambit now he can pick up “fat checks” (ha) from Gambit’s eBook division. You are on your own Valentin. It’s a $19.95 book and I have two. You can get one at $10.57 + $5 S&H.

The last one of the Gambit books to be knocked down on the auctioneer’s table is another John Watson book: A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White. Simply put if you play 1 d4 and 2 c4 here is a book with a “complete plan of attack.” Here’s a quickie rundown of what John plans for you: QGD, Tarrasch Defense, Unorthodox Queen’s Gambit and the Queen’s Gambit Accepted.

Now for an interlude. Have you (assuming you are a guy who is reading this) ever had a woman at say a Christmas party ever try to put the moves on you and you weren’t interested? If you haven’t you don’t know what you are missing and you should be told you aren’t missing anything. What made me think of that? Some videos of Ventures’ guitar songs with “babes” you aren’t likely to meet as in EVER. Pardon me if you HAVE! These guys were famous for making their version of popular guitar songs.

Anyway, back to John’s book. Then he has the Slav, the Semi-Slav, the NID, KID, Gruenfeld, Benoni and Benko, of course the Dutch and “Assorted.” If you want to set up a repertoire for systems you like to play it would be harder to do better than this. Retail $26.95. Your insanely great price is $14.28 + the usual $5 S&H if you only get this book. If you get 2 books it’s $5.50. After that add (in the USA) an extra $1.50 for each additional book.

DEADLINE? Because I didn’t get this up for the whole day because of a slew of personal commitments, you have until Sunday night to get these books for NOV 21 at these special “at cost” prices until this Sunday night.

The first list, A, was almost completely wiped out. I have been working on List B, and will be doing that tonight some more. It will be some more crazy “giveaways.” Stuff has been averaging $5 and $10.00. So if you want to give yourself a bunch of great items at freaking LOW prices this is where you should be. I have over 40 people on this list and it’s nice to see some have been awakened from the dead! If you haven’t been on here before I am warning you that these kinds of sales are usually ONE DAY ONLY. If you want to get LIST B just drop me a line ( and I will send you a PDF.

Coming in a week will be more details on the MORPHY CLUB. I am having fun researching this stuff. Some things I was thinking of “selling off” I stopped because as I reviewed it I found interesting pieces on Paul Charles Morphy. Morphy must’ve taken a side trip to Germany just to purchase some hobnailed boots because when he was done, it looked liked a chess player’s massacre at the ranch.

IT COMES IN THREES, kind of an unexplained phenomenon but I will tell you what it is even if I can’t explain it. You’ve heard about funerals coming in 3s (I’ve been through that, fortunately none of them involved me directly)? Buses arriving at the same stop in 3s. Stuff like that.

Well it has been the budrosewood phenomenon this time. I’ve sold a half dozen NAPOLEON SETs. It is the 7 inch square chessboard which acts as its own drawer to hide the pieces away. The pieces are budrosewood (for the dark) and some name I can’t remember for the light. It’s like a tidy analysis set that DOESN’T fold. I hope I don’t eat my words but those folding small sets are a pain in the posterior. I have 6 left. Until the end of November, which is coming mighty fast, you can get one for in the USA shipping for $42.50. The shipping is easy to calculate. If you live on the coast such as Oregon, Florida, Texas, NY, Vermont, etc. the shipping is reduced to $12.95. If you live anywhere else it is $8.95! Believe me, if you worry about me making 50 cents for myself on the shipping you haven’t been paying attention to USPS costs and especially UPS. With Priority Mail or Express the USPS, believe it or not (and I believe it because I’ve used it) is just as good as UPS. So I am betting that UPS is pricing themselves out of business. You read it here first.

Secondly, I’ve sold the GURKHA budrosewood set which is like the GRAND TURK except smaller. I am out of it at the moment but am contemplating ordering some more next week. It retails for $550. There is a difference though. If you buy one at $550 between now and Monday, you will get one of the Napoleon budrosewood sets at no extra cost (that is, FREE). The King is only 3 inches tall but it’s a true beaut and you don’t need one of those giant boards to play on it. The pieces feel sooooo good in your hands you won’t be able to stand it! You’ll only pay $25 for the shipping of both (the Gurkha or the Grand Turk) and I don’t recommend you wait around as I have only so much budgeted for this. If you’ve been late to the soiree, I have advertised and pictured all these sets in copies of my News Letter. If you want to see what they look like, contact me at

Lastly, I have a number of the GRAND TURK sets. Beeeoootiful budrosewood and boxwood, 4 inch King. This set will make you wet your pants. Just don't stand near a toaster which is in use. Everyone agrees! I have two versions. #1 has black leather bottoms on all the pieces plus the extra Queen. It is $995.00 and you will keep, use, and explore with it to your heart's content. It's not cheap, the really good stuff seldom is. But if you act this weekend and order by phone, I will have a super message for you that will save you some serious spondulicks. All you have to do is call me at 563-271-6657. I won't scare you but I don't have an automatic answering machine, you will have to talk with me (unless I am overloaded with phone calls!) I promise to be extra nice.

The other one is the GRAND TURK with green felt on the bottom of the pieces. It is $895. The pieces slide, glide and make you feel warm all over.

The black leather bases allow you to have an expert monogrammer put your name or initials on the bottom. Call me for this one too (563-271-6657). Again, I promise to be extra nice. That means a special deal is awaiting you. Be sure you are wearing good underwear.

HEY BOB is that really you?
Yep, and I am serious because in the next week I am preparing lots of files and paperwork for my tax accountant. I met with him this afternoon and I have to be of one mind and heart to get this stuff behind me. So I will work on orders in the evening, but in the daytime, I will be going as crazy as “Old McDonald had a farm!” I want to sell chess sets so I can pay this guy. You make it with the left hand and someone else moves in and takes it out of your right hand. Besides, today Matt said he wanted me to have a decent year. Your best chance to celebrate with me for 2015 and what that might bring (hint: the Morphy Club)

What can I sell next year? Already, in just the last week I have seen some guy I never heard of use the phrase “from Amritsar.” But to trademark everything I come up with I would have to sell at least 1-2 sets for each new name. Wouldn’t you like to know you are getting the GENUINE THING? From the Thinkers’?

You’ve got to figure if they have to copy experience and copy the marketing, they can’t tell A from B in the first place. When you get stuff like this from The Chess Butler you know you ARE GETTING the real deal (and ultimately I can get you the best price). Remember, if you can, the name SULTAN for a chess set name? I used it 20 years ago. Recently I saw that name swiped for a chess set and I have to say, the name didn’t go with the set. It was a POS! And he bills himself as an expert! And he definitely is an Expert at not knowing what he is doing.

So, I am gonna head out and get something to eat. Hope to hear from you tonight, or this weekend. I am cleaning up my bookkeeping next week but first I will be having more of those CYBER ATTACK sales and the BLACK FRIDAY stuff this coming week.

QUESTION: Answer it and WIN! To the first person to send me an email and tell me (correctly) who NOKIE EDWARDS is, you will get a set of 6 cards from the 2013 Sinquefield event. I’ll just look at the time date stamp on your email. Let’s have some fun this season.

Later gator,


PS: I outlined the chess THREE. Napoleon set, the Gurkha set, and the Grand Turk. Any one of these could provide MANY evenings of contented sleep. Upon waking, you go get ’em tiger!!

Questions? 563-271-6657 or email:


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