Last night I had most of today’s post saved as a draft. I was too tired to stay past midnight and figured: “Use some sense continue in the morning while you are watching Carlsen draw with Anand.”

As I sit here I can’t find my draft. There’s a place to save a draft but I can’t find a place to retrieve a draft.
You see, lots of people who write blogs seem to have all day to get it right. I don’t have that luxury. I am trying to find a Blog making place which is consistent, which doesn’t change formats all the time (think Blogger) or show us NEW rules (think Blogger). I’ve done this Blogging thing off and on for years with different outfits. The one I liked the most was CHESS MUSEUM. Aptly named.

But, rather than fight City Hall I just move on. If I do that I will tell you in advance where the new one will be (if I don’t suddenly have my site “adjusted” like a defrocked chiropractor.)


Let’s give the titles I want to sell at cost today before I get annoyed with Word Press. I hate typing stuff twice so I will give title and price and ask you to “understand,” unnastan? One day I heard my two boys talking to each other. Nate said something to Rob but Rob missed it, so he replied, “What did you say?” Nate replied, “Do I have to repeat myself?” in a whiny hi-tone question, obviously imitating someone. Since then it has been an inside joke but it is how I feel about writing stuff, like this blog, twice. Here goes:

Gambit Busters, take it, keep it… and win! Seems like author Sam Collins may have mellowed a little. 5 years ago he wouldn’t have written a book about gambits, at all. Lots of cool stuff. $26.95 retail. Chess Butler’s cost is $13.48. Add $5 for postage.

the new old Indian, a repertoire for Black against 1 d4 by Cherniaev and Prokuronov. It’s like adding salt and butter to your potatoes. Everything tastes better. $26.95 retail. Chess Butler’s cost is $13.48. Add $5 for postage.

Danny Gormally’s Play chess like the PROs is an excellent game collections book. Danny writes with knowledge and a sort of “insider’s” perspective whether about Carlsen, Kramnik, or Karjakin (who he has a lot of respect for). This is one of those “fun” chess books we used to see in the 70s only written by a GM who has a sense of judgement. Chess Butler’s cost is $13.48. Add $5 for postage.

A few years ago a “retired” GM from the UK named Matthew Sandler returned to the battlefield called chess. And he did surprisingly well. In his Study Chess with Matthew Sadler he picks up where he left off, that is coming up with amazing insight on taking YOUR chess to a higher level. Sadler has always been well respected even when he became overly critical of chess books written by someone else. The majority of the games in Sadler’s book are his own, the games he knows best. Highly recommended–he even touches on things such as “When things go wrong,” something not normally expected from him. Chess Butler’s cost is $13.48. Add $5 for postage.

And NOW for a Commercial Interruption

A month or two ago I was at a friends’ house and the TV was on. I was amazed at the amount of “dreck” and pure crap which was on but what was more amazing was the number of interrupting commercials. I have no regrets on not watching TV, at all. I think of how I can spent that time doing research, writing, and inventing. SO I have an offer for you guys.

Get a FREE Book from Thinkers’ Press

A couple years ago I ordered a book in a quantity of 100, from the printer, twice! Not on purpose. They have a web site that was invented by a stupid AND blind person. They’ve made some much needed changes, finally. I don’t get it, do you? I don’t think they made these mistakes on purpose, they are just people (???) who don’t think before they do something important. They have no experience an ingredient you can’t get without doing something. Experience doesn’t come with a degree in most cases.

But here is how you can get a copy of Keres Machine Gunner, item #10 from The Chess Gangs of New York and London. It has a retail value of $12.95 and I have a passel of them! To get one all you have to do (always a catch, right?) is order two books of any kind starting now and through the end of this sale period where I am losing my butt. One or both of the books can be at cost, or one of at cost, and the other (or more) can be a regular discount dude, or 2 or more at chessbutler pricing. ONE other valuable piece of advice, you have to ask for it! That’s what the internet has done to people, made them forgetful and not too swift. I was reading about that the other day concerning car crashes. There are so many technological advances that people’s brains aren’t what they used to be. Their brains have gone into regressive mode. No extra postage. I think you will get a kick out of it. Kere’s was a “killer” and not the “nice guy” Sammy Reshevsky thought he was (altho Keres record against Reshevsky was not good).

So that’s all you have to do!

Bob, the chess guy 24/7


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