A couple years ago Gambit Books put out a very nice quadrilogy: IM John Watson’s Mastering the Chess Openings.
I only have one new and complete set left, and I saved it for YOU! You love that don’t you, when a commercial or ad says that? Well, in this case it may very well be true because the retail value is $119.80! That’s enough to make some chess “buyers” chess-buying atheists!! About 1400 pages full of John’s openings wisdom.

Mastering the Chess Openings Vols. 1-4
Covers most of the openings with clarity. One set, one almost 50% OFF price. Now $63.50
What’s different about these books? More or less they are thematic. That is, he tied different variations to similar topical “bents” because if you KNOW one (or learn one) you can get ideas for other openings. There are also books on gambits, preparation, symmetry, fianchettoes, the mysteries of the modern chess openings and literally, TONS more.
This offer is good for tonight or Wednesday (tomorrow) only.

Carlsen Inches Closer
Interestingly, there were several new books that recently came out and I didn’t get much in the way of orders for them, so I will repeat a few titles. No 50% off on these guys, just the regular NEW title price.

Anand Move by Move
By Zenon Franco. 371 pages of Anand beating the best in the world including Carlsen (Linares 2007). Includes info on how Anand out prepares his opponents for world championship contests. It’s a $29.95 book which you can get for $25.50 if you are a regular purchaser of the Chess Butler and even less, $22.50 if you have a Gold card. No membership charge of $50-55 if you want to get on my website, because, I don’t have one! (The newsletter is better!)

Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition, Key Moves and Motifs in the Middlegame by Arthur van de Oudeweetering
There are more and more books on middlegame play and structures than there used to be. Opening books, somewhat, are slowing. Give a man a competent engine, some kind of direction and make a book. Unfortunately for those authors that doesn’t much help the rest of us. I can remember working on a book on a game between Bronstein and Ljubojevich almost 20 years ago on Alekhine’s Defence. I had no engine. No one did. It was necessary to use that grey mass between our ears. I remember working hard, into the next day about finding the ONLY move to let White’s advantage develop into full scale warfare. What do you do? You try EVERY move that looks even remotely thinkable. Funny, but when you find it, you stop looking further (chances are you’ve already dismissed it!) It WAS the move!! All the variations which followed for Black, were all bad. How could one not feel good about that? It is hard work and one of the reasons most of us don’t want to go to such trouble. While there are truly spectacular games and great players I came away from this book with the realization that Vladimir Kramnik is seriously under-rated even by strong players! And… he seems to be getting even better at it! A very worthwhile book! Retails for $26.95 which means the Chess Butler price is $22.95. The Gold Card price for 2014 is $20.25.

I have two copies of the next title.

Now for something completely different by Vassilios Kotronias, Years ago I played 1.d4 except when I knew my opponent would be Paul Mills. He always played the Sicilian Sveshnikov as Black. He read the Chess Review columns by Gligorich on the Sicilian and he had the books too. So did I but I didn’t read Gliga’s column, I didn’t have that much extra time. Paul managed his Mom’s trailer park so collected rent, stayed inside and ate pizza, smoked, and studied chess. He was amazed how in Gligorich’s column that analysis would change almost monthly in those variations where somebody sacced something (usually on b5).

At some point you have to believe something and then WORK to prove it is true! And, depending on how hard you worked at it, one could be rewarded with some positively stunning results. In other words he believed in what he studied and I believed in what I had studied. The problem was that his memory was better than mine so I was forced to be more creative.

One day I was reading something by Shamkovich (I believe) which gave me an idea! Leonid made a comment about “losing the Exchange” if a certain variation was entered, and he gave it.

But, figuring Paul would think there was something “up” I entered a line which would allow the game to wander but most likely return to its “roots.” That’s exactly what happened! He DID lose the Exchange but he played like a demon. I had no idea he would really toss the coal into the hopper to save his game but he did. Somehow I believed in what I prepared and he finally went down. I never did tell him how I did it, it would only make him suspicious the next time. Sometimes you have to keep your secrets.

In the Intro Kotronias writes: “Nowadays many players are so afraid of meeting it that they resort to sidelines against the Sicilian; even Anand abandoned the Open Sicilian after a single Sveshnikov encounter in his world title match against Gelfand.” (That quote was for you Julian!)

It The Sicilian Sveshnikov by Kotronias (Quality Chess) retails for $29.95. Chess Butler price is $25.50 and the Green Gold card price is $22.50. It is a very fine book. I also have one copy which was hurt in handling that I will sell for $19.95, but just the back cover, and the $19.95 price is to anyone.

That may be enough for new books. I do want to remind you of Mannheim 1914 by Tony Gillam. It’s about as heavy as a bowling ball! I have 5 copies on the shelf and I thought the historians would dive right into this. I think I have it for $59.95. I’ll knock 5 bucks off of that IF you buy one other book (Black Friday specials don’t count). Offer limited to Black Friday sales, that’s it, Friday of next week.

Bob Long
the Chess 24/7 guy


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