having problems SUNDAY night (nov 16th) with Word Press!!

I’ve been in the business of technology since 1969 (or sooner) as I worked for Uncle Sam for awhile. Word Press and Google suck the big carbon monoxide pipe for working well and consistently…eh, am I kidding? Everytime I come face to face with someone who feels “awkward” being around computer technology I say to myself, “There goes someone who is a heckuva lot smarter than I am and I’ve been doing this for 45 years!” Often they feel the same way about phones!

• At any rate, here the latest news. Carlsen 3.5 and Anand 2.5 though I feel sorry for both of them as the lunatics came out of the woodwork when Carlsen AND Anand both made a double blunder. Monday Carlsen will have White.

• I keep misreading my emails it looks like. Everytime I think I have a Grand Turk sale, it turns out to be the smaller analysis budrosewood set. The $42.50 one. So I have sold a batch of them and only have 6 left. I wouldn’t wait much longer because I won’t be reordering them again this year. Maybe in 2015.

• The Black Friday Sale is doing well. It should, I am giving stuff away! Got another subscriber to the Morphy Chess Club and all day long I have been thinking of stories, fonts, the masthead, and making something in the style of the 1850s. I’ve been playing through more Morphy Games than I have seen in my life. This guy “gutted” chess players. He played Anderssen a match and pounded on him unmercifully. Of course we do know Staunton avoided him using the old Shakespeare excuse thing and also bringing it up every time that he needed time to work himself into shape. He kept reminding us he had a CONTRACT with the publisher!!! What he really meant was he wanted to get into better shape so that when he was destroyed it wouldn’t look nearly as bad as it could’ve. I’ve read an awful lot about this problem and Howard was probably one of the “Howards” from the Three Stooges.

Four items this week to consider at Half-Price Starting Monday

What was picked for Monday?

• Whenever I promote a book that is good (for a change) for kids or beginners to intermediates, I get exactly zero orders! Why is that? Don’t people have kids, grandkids, friends or others who would like to know more? For Pete’s sake this is the Christmas Season. And as most of you know, I don’t promote most of these books because they are someone’s dysfunctional idea of what newish people can learn from. Now one of two things is true:

1) I don’t know what the heck I am writing about (which is certainly possible). Or,

2) I do know that most of these books that publishers keep saying they sell a ton of don’t. Why? Cause there is hardly EVER a follow up. I mean, non-sequel city. Zippo. Well folks here is one that IS good and it’s an IM who knows what he is talking about: IM Craig Pritchett. It’s called CHESS FOR rookies, learn to play, win and enjoy. He is right on in this book, a book which doesn’t charge much, just $21.95 and is big enough to be quite a doorstop! At half price it would be $10.98. Two plus fivers. Add $5 if you are only getting one book.

• This next book might be a little bit of a mystery to some of you. Not only is it about triangles, that figures into the title as in: the triangle system featuring the Noteboom, Marshall Gambit, and other Semi-Slav Triangle lines by Ruslan Scherbakov. Have you ever faced that “triangle” by Black where his pawns are on c6, d5, and e6? Unless you do know really what on earth you are doing, you can lose against this. I used to have long, drawn out affairs which I didn’t enjoy. But now you can know much, much more, The Noteboom and Marshall can give White fits. It’s a $29.95 book but of course, I’ll sell you the only copy I have for $14.95 + $5 for S&H on this if this is the only book you are getting.

• I sold out of this next title twice and I will tell you a good reason was because the author was Dr. Colin Crouch. He has “eyeball” problems and even though he is an International Master, now he uses his computer engine even more. He has some handicaps and  his “visionary approach” has to comprehensively come into play when he studies the MAGNUS FORCE, probably taken from the Dirty Harry movies. It’s a fat review of important Carlsen games leading up to his first match with Anand, the match where Anand didn’t win a game. Anand IS dangerous and this book shows that too. Everybody acts like they are prepared for Carlsen but, they aren’t, at least not psychologically. He doesn’t know how to give up. And, he’s much better prepared than these “hucksters” realize he is. Recently he was prepared to go into the Najdorf Sicilian (as White) but to everyone’s surprise (not Anand’s I’m sure) they were surprised when Anand didn’t choose to challenge him on that ground. The book is $27.95, but not now. You can get the only copy I have left for $13.98 + the usual $5.00.

• Here’s a weird thought. I’ve been selling chess books for a long time and virtually everybody says they like “Chess Puzzle books.”  I used to think they must be buying them from someone else or they just repeat this for my benefit (eh?). Now I have a different thought. Only the English buy them!!!!!!! Americans just use, over and over, the older titles they already own. America, perhaps, is in an Alzheimer’s Meltdown or still using the older Fred Reinfeld books. In my case it is stories. That is, I miss a story associated with each diagram. I get a story, I am more likely to stick with trying to solve it, otherwise, “What the heck” and I am off to the next one. Well my friends, there is one possible exception and that is Richard Palliser’s THE COMPLETE CHESS WORKOUT. Bigger diagrams and well chosen puzzles. Give it a shot. Just one. It’s another $29.95 title which you can have for ONE DAY at $14.98 + the usual $5 S&H thing.

That’s it for today, time to get some sleep.

Bob. Mr. Chess 24/7.


Too tired to proof tonight, so have at it. Does anyone know of a book of chess jokes? (Not cartoons, but jokes.) I don’t.


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