Some blogs are totally useless and I am sure some people think I am always trying to sell something instead of telling them the difference between goat cheese and belly button lint! Well, I am! Do some people Blog just to hear the sound of their “inner thoughts?” I am a chess dude, I sell things to try to make a living. I’ve never been on welfare or food stamps and I’ve been through some really hard times. Harder than most. My first wife died at age 39. I lost my home in 1990. My typesetting business disappeared when all typesetting businesses disappeared in 1989-1990. I’ve had two divorces since then. Had to close my chess and games store in 1984. Closed Chessco in 2006 and laid off all my employees (3) of them. Had bought a building in 1999 to work out of and lost my wallet and ass with it when I closed that in 2012.

But as Roger Sadeghi (Swiss physicist) said to me, “I’ve never met such an optimist!” Steve Schooley (retired policeman in Iowa City) said to me yesterday “I don’t know how you get all these projects done?”

The answer is….

I have to eat and pay bills and it scares the hell out of me.

And now I do it alone. Well, not completely. God helps me in my marketing and finding my reading glasses, and so do my existing customers help by purchasing chess stuff. (For example, Mr. X, from Canada, bought a yearly membership into the Morphy Club. I love this guy’s faith in me. Yesterday Mr. Schooley purchased a book and one of the NEW Morphy coins (the bronze one).

And 1/3rd of the new analysis budrosewood sets are now gone. I wouldn’t wait on this forever as I have a very special price through Black Friday for $42.95 + $8.95 shipping (unless you live on the coasts when it is $12.95.) Every DAY is “hump day” as in BUSTING MINE, and I appreciate you. So what I am here to tell you is I will send one of those 8 page lists (mentioned in the next paragraph) to you if you don’t get one from me by Sunday afternoon. FREE as icicles and warmer and less foreboding.

So I want to give you a little rundown for today.

1) I just sent out an 8 page, new list, of used (previously owned) items. Books and even some new stuff. DVDs that have been opened and some which were never opened. The prices are rock bottom and everything is, as usual, guaranteed to work or your money back. I think, and this may shock you, I haven’t had to give money back for a defective product but once since 1972. We replace anything that has a problem, but in this one case, I was dealing with someone who completely mistreated the product. I asked him to show me what happened and amazingly he did! I don’t even want to reveal what happened next.

2) I am going to show an editor, tonight or tomorrow, how to make the advertiser’s who advertise in his publication extremely happy. What he is doing now is so senseless that when he gets tipped off how to do it right, he will wander around the block 4-5 times, smacking himself in the head, and wondering: “Why didn’t I think of that?” The answer is simple, “It wasn’t HIS money!” Hence, he doesn’t care about results. Maybe a teeny tiny bit, but he doesn’t know what it means to succeed. I hope he takes the advice, it won’t cost him a cent. If he worked at a perfume company, it wouldn’t cost him a scent! (sorry about that).
And…. one more.

Another person is seriously interested in a Grand Turk set. Once they see it, in its perfect form, it hits them right in the crankshaft. I need to make some phone calls tomorrow.

It’s called SURVIVAL.

Do a good job, love your wife, keep a smile on your face, and you will be leagues ahead of everyone else. One other thing, get rid of the riff-raff in your life.

Bob, the chess 24/7 guy (



  1. Hi Bob, “There you go again!” (cannot quite shake my head the way Ron Reagan used to, though) A couple of questions: – 8 page new list just sent? if by email, I am afraid I did not get that – the Morphy club: time for an act of faith! how much, now, for a whole year (from January, I assume) and do you want to add a little something to the price to safely mail the Morphy coin all the way to La Suisse? Have a great Sunday! (today, my older son -the middle one of 3 kids- turns 25, now living in NYC) Regards, Roger


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