Tonight I’ve been working on BOOK PACKS and DVD PACKS. And, I slit the throats of the previous packages with most DVDs priced around $5.00 each and I don’t expect them to last long. In coming up with all these packages (and singles!) I’ve found a few interesting “autographs” too. These will be reduced in price for certain kinds of “performance” situations.

As time goes on more and more people will come on board. But if everything sells out before Black Friday’s time if up, you will have little or no competition.

Funny, thou, who knows what I will come across in the next two weeks. I am trying as hard as I can (so you know that’s HARD) to create a real following. A chess butler who serves and means what he says about chess objects. Been at this a long time.

Sold my first MORPHY COIN today to a bonafide and long term collector of of chess objet d’art.

See you tomorrow crew.


chess 24/7 guy


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