Ordinarily I have never had a Special Holiday Sale except when I had a retail store during the Christmas Seasons. But times have changed somewhat. The premise was that people who budget their money will wait until the sale to buy, if they buy at all. It’s not like I am selling a refrigerator or toasters. And so many of those sales can be phony or especially shipped in merchandise. (I know because I worked in the warehouse at Sears.) Inflated prices and then reduced.

Was it possible to get a real deal anywhere?

Well something did work last year when I had a black and orange sale. Was it Halloween? The details are vague AND Halloween is past. I have a whole room upstairs with books, magazines, chess sets and boards to get rid of and make room for my Gucci shoes and clothes (haha). John Nunn has a nice expensive telescope at his place. When I was a kid I too was interested in astronomy but this year I think I will install an observatory that will make Mt. Palomar weak in the knees.

So I have to do some working to raise money for the telescopes, books, and the dancing girls! It will all be extraneous stuff that hasn’t been offered in years. Discounted so that ought to make your wallet go pitter patter. Read the details carefully. There might be bonuses.

NOW comes the Hard Part!

You have to tell me you want this catalog to get one. If this was the year of the Morphy Club and you were a member you would automatically get one!

Think about it. It’s depressing to send out hundreds of PDFs and work for a week on them and only hear from a few people. Anyone who thinks email is a low cost and effective solution to sales has not done it. I’ve met people who were going to sell on eBay and changed their minds after 2-3 attempts. Have you seen that duct-tape packaging? Makes you delirious doesn’t it? Sometimes the post office doesn’t know what you are trying to do and I sure as heck don’t know.


Instead of pushing books today I am going to do something different.

In the niche of chess it is hard to find something different for a change. I hope to change all that with a “Totem” from the the Paul Morphy Club. They call them COINS and they kind of are but with two exceptions.

1) There is no value in terms of USE.  It’s an inch and a half in diameter and made of anodized brass. You can’t buy anything with it and I doubt if it will work in any vending machines. It’s also engraved but only on ONE side.

2) It is a collector’s item I had made for the Paul Morphy Chess Club. It’s a “pocket piece. Guys would jangle it like keys, or whatever (such as FLIP a coin). The reverse side is blank, so if you want you can take it to an engraver or jeweler and have something meaningul cut into the back you can.

I had one similar to this about 20 years ago, a real one, and I traded it for $1500 worth of goods. My big regret! I believe it was designed in 1858 by a fellow named GAGE. I had my artistic son Rob design it in Illustrator for the sculptor. The face and coat look the same as the original but I added a few things to it.

I got the idea from Dave Dee in Chicago and Dan Gallapoo in Florida. Dave used the concept as a reminder for doing presentations in front of his many crowds. It has a calming effect and a reminder that he will be doing a great show for them. Dan got it for his “Knights of the Round Table” of which I am a member as a reminder that he has our backs in his marketing endeavors for us.

Mine are for sale, Dave’s wasn’t. Dan was giving it away as a token of his appreciation for being a member of his marketing outfit for 4 years. Lots of marketing secrets and a pleasant guy to boot..

The reason I was attracted to this “totem” is that it is great to be a member of something that is greater than just yourself. The retail of this gem token reminds me of the good times from reading my first chessbook when  I was about 12 at the public library. I was stunned with how great this Morphy guy seemed to be. I had never heard of him. It was a red covered hardbound, I think written by Sergeant.

This Morphy coin, a chess coin, retails for $49.95. But, pay attention, if you get it starting with Today and running through November 28 (Black Friday), you can SAVE a hunk of change and get it for only $39.95. S&H is $4.95 and will be sent to you First Class. Add an extra fiver if you want it sent to an International country.

The picture on this site is a little small because I scanned it in at 72 dpi. I may change that this weekend. But here’s the THING: it took about 2+ months to get it because only part of it was handled in the US. The rest was done overseas. One thing they were very good at and that was collecting their money upfront before I got what I ordered. So you can pay me by PayPal or Credit Card (call me at 563-271-6657 for your CC details). I take checks from those I know. My PayPal account is simple:

Only 90 of these brass Morphy coins were made! After the 28th of November the price reverts to $50 except if you are a Morphy Club member (and a Charter member at that). When you join the Morphy Club you get a Morphy Coin FREE. Don’t worry if you join the Morphy Club and I am out of the coin, since you already have one, you will get a credit for $40.00 (you just made a nickel) towards other chess products. This way no one will be left out. To re-order a Coin like this is expensive so unless the demand is overwhelming, you’ll most likely get just the one. However, if at the time of ordering the Morphy Coin you want a couple extra they will be $39.95 each until Nov. 28th. Some Europeans are bound to find out about this and I am sure this souvenir will be snapped up. No guarantee, but likely. C’mon, I wish I still had my original coin back! I traded it for some lacklustre books which took me years to sell!)

One MORE Surprise!!

There is one more chess piece of Coinery! The Morphy Coin also exists in Gold Plating! But you can get one FREE if you buy one of my Chess Boxes (the Taj Mahal or the Topkapi Palace) made by Kirk at the price of $1,299 (plus shipping), in two woods for each box. The base wood is walnut, and the trim is either paduak or maple. Pictures will be out any day. The regular retail is $1,599 so this special sale at $1,299 is limited to Jan. 2, 2015. I have one Topkapi left and more of those will not be made of the Topkapi or the Taj until 2015 (after Christmas). The work on one box takes 40-45 hours so there might be a little wait.

Someone is likely to tell me that my terms are complicated, but if you take a deep breath and turn off the TV, they will make perfect sense. However, I will answer questions. (

Everything being offered today is a collectible. If you want the Gold Coin and not the coin in the lid of the box it is $125. However it is only $97 if you get it before Jan. 1, 2015. The S&H is $5.00. I only have 12.

In the next month and a half I expect to be busy and may not have the time or memory to run this offer again. So there are several key dates for the “man” or “woman” who has everything but still wants something unique: Nov. 28th and Jan. 1, 2015.

How much is the Morphy Club membership? The particulars were published in the Nov. News Letter 2014. If you want a copy, you better do it soon because I am “projected up.” The yearly price is $295. The per month price is $29.99, 12 months (charged to your credit card). You’ll save $64.88 if you buy it all at once. Benefits are detailed in the Nov Part A of the News Letter for 2014, Bob’s News Letter.

I figure if you act now, you won’t have to worry about doing something at the last minute. That’s why I ordered these coins in August and had Kirk start working on the boxes in March. I got the idea of the Morphy Club several months ago. For a change, I’ve had to plan!!


the chess guy 24/7


TREAT YOURSELF. Why not?Don’t use your kids as an excuse of why you can’t do something for your self.


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