LOTS OF NEWS… but a burp

I HAD WRITTEN A LOT FOR TODAY… and then I accidentally closed my browser without saving what I wrote as a draft so I could continue later.

1. Congratulations to Anand for his win over Carlsen. Score is tied.

2. I listed a set of 1-4 Lasker and His Contemporaries. Several have asked me about what a set would cost IF I had them. Excellent condition. Drop me a line if you are still interested because Amazon.com has virtually nothing on them.

3. Had an Autographed copy of Kenneth Harkness’s first Official Rules of chess for $20 + S&H ($5).

Have some other autographed stuff.

4. GUESS WHAT? I have Part II of 1.b3. I opened it up to see if it would play and it did. Got this from Andrew Martin several months ago. Haven’t had time to make a DVD of it. First I will have to get some more blank DVDs. Looks to be quite good. Making a DVD (for me) is always a tense period of my life, so give me a little time to construct this one.

5. I have three books to be put on sale today at half-price. Tal Botvinnik 1960 for $9.98 + $5.

6. Lasker’s Manual of Chess replete with photos and algebraic notation. $14.98 + $5.50.


7. Alekhine’s New York 1927. A masterwork. $9.98 + $5.

One day only. One copy of each. Order now at: info@chessbutler.com




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