I am “lucky” to be still selling books until the WCC is over between Anand and Carlsen. Maybe two wins and a bunch of draws? If you can make a draw at will it would be done that way, but that’s not 100% sure. Carlsen has that “thing.” He likes to be decisive, win or lose. He doesn’t go out of his way to draw a game. Of course when making blatant statements like that we assume the players are healthy.

When I was a teenager my Uncle Marty and I would get into arguments about “football” of all things. I tended to root for the underdog. He taught me, if there is money involved, that’s a bad strategy. The reason they ARE an underdog is because THEY ARE by all accounts. So I would favor a college team and he always took the pros. Over the years the pros had a big advantage. I must have chosen that stance because I often felt like an underdog. It’s all psychological history.

My good friend Roger S. in Switzerland says I have unbridled optimism. He’s right because as difficult as that can be, I’ve discovered being “down” doesn’t get me anywhere. And with that notion, since this is the third week of this contest, there will be three books to put under the hammer. In some cases, this time, I only have ONE copy. Take your unbridled optimism and go for what you want, like I do. I was the first one to own the Grand Turk, from quite a few years ago.


Probably my favorite musical group because of their Christmas music and their Fresh Aires series. Reminds me of a great Christmas year in a log cabin in a quaint little town with a great restaurant called the Ox Yoke Inn. A super breakfast. This time, however, it is Sergey Kasparov’s Steamrolling the Sicilian. Play for a Win with 5.f3! Odd stuff like this wins and this 239 page book shows you how after the moves: 2.Nf3 d6 3,d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.f3. The retail is $26.95 so that means your price is $13.48 + $5 for S&H. He’s also got a nice book on the Benko Gambit.


Actually, I was just messing with you. Danny Gormally’s book is Calculate Like a Grandmaster, Learn from the World-class Attacking Players. In my educated over 40 years opinion, this is exactly what most of us should be aspiring to. As all of us age too quickly (?), especially us older gents, it still doesn’t hurt to pick up a few tips here and there, some of them have a way of “sticking,” But, there is at least one more benefit. If it was a good game, when it is over, we discover it was great to take that bit between our teeth and romp home with a feeling of exultation at the fun of it all! This book is under-rated because many of the chess players today, in my opinion, unless they lived in England, don’t even know who Gormally is. But again in my opinion, he is easily one of the most readable GMs out there. He talks to his readers. He brings up comments he’s heard from other players or contestants. He’s been on the landscape of what’s going on and he has a lot to say about Kasparov, Karpov, and Kramnik. He also admits to his own weakness where in one place he calls himself a hypocrite! There’s small blue smudge on the cover, looking like it was printing ink. The book is 256 sumptuous pages with no index at the back because it was placed at the front. You’ll love it. $19.95 is the retail. Another clue that Batsford still is in their re-growing up stage. You can get it for $9.98 + $5 for S&H. Just one.


It is IM John Watson’s book play the French. I’ve seen them (his French books) all by John and this one is easily the best of the four. The typeface is easier to read and he seems to be expanding the content. Here’s what he has: 3 chapters on the Advance, 3 on the Tarrasch, 5 on the Winawer, 1 on the Exchange, only 1 on the Classical and yet the book from Quality Chess on Playing the French is heavily on the Classical. Two on the MacCutcheon, just 1 on the King’s Indian Attack, and one on Uncommon Early Moves. You might “think” 2.Qe2 would be in that last section but at least one other author (besides Watson) is putting it in with the King’s Indian Attack (where I don’t think it belongs).  At any rate the book is huge compared with previous years, 432 pages. It’s up there at $29.95 with many other books and so it’s a ONE DAY ONLY savings at $14.98, this Monday. Add $5 for shipping

There you go, 3 excellent books on the chopping block.

I wonder how many are waiting for a certain book hoping I will put it up for a one day sale. Are you that “lucky” or just looking for a reason to not purchase anything?

You might consider buying some new books, outright at a reduced price, by subscribing to Bob’s News Letter. I keep asking myself, “Why am I in this chess book commodity business?” Oh yes, the newsletter is $20.

Best regards,


the chess guy 24/7


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