Carlsen takes the lead after 2 games with a routing of Anand. The coach can’t come over at half-time and give you a pep talk because, there is no half time.

Anand’s game looks like his game from last year. In my opinion he doesn’t really understand Carlsen’s moves (and ideas) and neither do most of the commenters. Listening to them a couple days ago they are trying to put on a brave front for Anand, who doesn’t need one. Anand had his time and he did well during it. Carlsen is a different antagonist. He take INNOCENT looking moves and leaves it to his opponent to try and figure out whether they are dangerous or not. More time lost on the clock.

Listen to some of Carlsen’s answers to questions. They are to the point, sometimes oblique, and with a Fischer-like quality.

Listening to Danny King talk (and I like Danny) I think he, like most of us, is awed by Carlsen’s presence and will to help Anand dig his own grave. Doesn’t Anand have two helpers from India? Does that help? Yes I know Carlsen has the Dane and the Hammer, but up to this point has he needed them? Only in preparation.

Anand has been so beat up by others with no skin in the game, calling for him to play 1.d4 yesterday, he did. Don’t listen to the second hand and second rate Monday morning quarterbackers Vishy, you are the one doing the playing.
Ra3 was quite incredible, but he had already planned it when he moved his a-pawn. It looks to me that Carlsen’s forte is “keep Anand guessing, by the time he figures it out, it will be too late.” Unlike Kasparov, who bore down even more when knocked back, Anand, unfortunately for him, gets “depressed” when things quickly go to pieces. In Kasparov’s case against Kramnik, he just went through the motions. If Kasparov had been playing Anand it would have been different. Even Kasparov could spook him self. Read Vol. 3 of his latest series. Lots of blackouts, second guessing, and internal “doom” news.

Though it’s not likely to happen, Carlsen could put in several hammerblows which would leave Vishy reeling. The towel MAY be tossed in much much earlier than after 12 games. Carlsen may be nervous inside his head, but with this game it had quickly faded. Get it over with, get the $$$, keep the title in spite of the whack jobs at FIDE, and get out of Sochi and back to reading some Donald Duck comics. I had a friend in grad school who was a Scrooge McDuck fan.

Carlsen has some thing Disney going for him.

We will know where this is going in a couple days.

Will list some more half price books tomorrow.


P.S. I have stuck my mug out (which is usually foolish, but I feel I understand Carlsen’s modus operandus). The Indian GMs are reserving their words. Like I wrote in Nov issue of Bob’s News Letter, if Anand really mattered to India, they would have thrown some coins in the fountain, but they did. After losing in 2013 it’s all about saving face. But they are not alone, lots of these people are acting like Magnus is a one hit wonder. Playing Caruana maybe. Anand?, nope.

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6 thoughts on “CHESS ISN’T BASKETBALL!

    • Yes, age is a factor, but we have seen Anand bounce back often. You see, people like the blogger below wrote him off, but there he is again, as the contender, after beating the heck out of Caruana and others! Let us reserve our judgment..

  1. Bounce back? Yes, but it isn’t the same. Anand seems to have fears he can’t banish. This happens to most of us.Carlsen knows Anand is good enough, but he’s not good enough at outguessing Carlsen’s strategies. Plus Carlsen is not so conventional like other players. I took several looks at Vishy’s face at the board, he is confused and afraid he’s wasted all that time studying, for nothing. He does want to be the champion again but even his own country wouldn’t back him again after his loss. Of course Norway didn’t back Carlsen either. Sure, anything could happen, but Carlsen looks to be too at peace with himself, even if he loses. As long as he keeps his head… let’s see!

    • Ooops. I updated a reply to someone who sent me their comments about Anand bouncing back. Unfortunately the update was a reference to a DELETE which was not intended! why should there be a delete to an update? Search me. I don’t like this site anyway because ever so often I have to update that I am the owner of this website, What a waste of time! My apologies to the commenter.

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