Last year Alexander Shashin wrote a book which can have two main reasons for it’s existence:

1) Choice games. My recommendation? Play through the games before analyzing them and using Shashin’s algorthim for what the book portends, viz., how can you FIND (discover) the strongest move. Is that possible? Some people think so. The title is BEST PLAY, A New Method For Discovering The Strongest Move. Subtitled: Attack, Maneuver, Defend.

2) Analyze the games the second time through. I have used this method a number of times. It’s amazing how on the second time through moves just pop out, and often the meaning of them becomes apparent… whatever the purpose of the algorithm is.

Funny thing, the “unconscious mind” picks up stuff and amazingly remembers things you “should have forgotten.”  This book and its tenets concentrate on 3 famous players and following their skill: Capablanca, Petrosian, and Tal and the different algorithms for each of our illustrious world champions. I would guess it would be helpful to find which of these 3 “systems” you are most like. And once you get that, then you will know better how to enhance that.

This big book, 401 pgs., looks formidable but I have this feeling that if this kind of book is your thing, you will do quite well with it because it’s a form of discipline, and that always as a positive effect.

The author has a “ZONE” which shows you why Petrosian is at one end, Capablanca in the Middle, and Tal at the other end. One question the author asks at the beginning is: can a player with 30 years experience be on a par with someone who has been in the top ten in the world? His answer: “Yes” and “No.” No doubt the right comment. This book, at 50% off, on SALE for one day only, is $14.98 with a $5.00 fee for shipping.


It’s a Russian book which had its originations in 1938. Two chapters were reworked, 8 and 14. The section on “corresponding squares” has been reduced because of modern faster time controls. Once I started to go to the trouble of finding out what they were worth but the explanations put me to sleep so I still don’t know.

One of the greatest in endgames from the earlier days of the Soviet Union was Ilya Rabinovich. The author starts out with mating using the two Bishops and believe me, it sounds easy until you try it (if you don’t already know the method–try it!) You know why I like this book? Because I can solve some of the more elementary problems. LOL.

Great endgame examples where the “big dog” is not with the winning color. Includes what I would call the “perfect” party puzzlers too.

It’s only $29.95 as a retail item. But it’s half-price day today (Nov 7th) so once again $14.98 is the magic price + $5 for S&H.

I’d love to go on but I only have one copy of this book and I am getting sleepy.

One Other Thing

I’m glad to report, at least for my inventory’s sake (and mine) that while I am not making a profit off of these sales, it renews acquaintances with some people I know and I hope to recapture in the future. A few others are just about getting something for almost free, no regard to the vendor, another one will come along. Someone told me the other day, “Everyone is selfish” but I think a more accurate word is “self-interested.” Especially when it comes to survival People do love others even if it’s only a relative. People will pay for something they truly want. Others need persuasion because some of us DO know what another person needs as opposed to “wants.”

Soon the night will have passed, the sun will be up and some will read this Blog. Of the two items listed, one might go home with one of those who read this blog. I have hundreds if not thousands of stories. If you would like to read some I have a CD for 128 Chess Reports, holding 128 issues and 2000 pages. Price. $50.00. 13 available. Postage paid. This CD is not one day only, it will last through Sunday night!

Gotta go.

Bob, the chess guy


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