Just one thought this morning, about travel. Farthest East I have been was Iceland in 1972. Travelogues interest me, watching them, writing about them, and participating in them. Hope to make it to Europe someday and report on the frantic chess scene and report on Germany and possibly France where all the leading scientists of a certain age were busy, Leibniz, Euler, Gauss, Hilbert, Newton and so on. All those busy people.

Now for the TWO chess books of the day in a ONE DAY only SALE at 50% off. The MAIN RULE, no exceptions: it’s a ONE DAY SALE.

#1 DYNAMIC CHESS STRATEGY by Mihai Suba. Gee whiz what an interesting book. I’m talking the Extended and Updated version. Hence there must’ve been a previous edition. That book sold extremely well (sold out when I was at a Milwaukee tournament) even though it was boring for me to look at. Batsford in their decline. Then NIC come out with this one and we discover that Suba (pronounced SHOOBA) has a great sense of humor. You also get to find out what DYNAMIC strategy means. We are told to THINK “dynamically.” It’s easy to say it, but read this for the examples. One entertaining example is Uhlmann vs. Suba where he writes about the “big pawn’ (pg. 73). He shows you examples which appear as “contradictions” until you think about them for a bit, such as “Bad Bishops” often protect “good pawns!” Mathematical training often displays nuances that chess instruction can’t handle so well. Purdy had a mathematical mind, that’s probably one reason I like his choices. In the world of detailed annotation, who outdoes them all, including Ftacnik or Khalifmann? The answer is on pg.109. This volume is chock-full of these things and it brings everything to life, The retail price of $19.95 today is a joke because you can get one of these (band new) for only $9.98 + $5.00 for shipping.

#2 Here is a book that will keep you on your toes. Let’s say you take this book to bed with you to study before pulling the light switch. When you wake up in the morning, it’s a NEW book! What happened? My guess is you were reading Larry Kaufman’s The Kaufman Repertoire for Black & White. Also “known” as “A Complete, Sound and User-friendly Chess Opening Repertoire.” The book was printed with half the contents the “normal” way and the second half of the contents were printed just the opposite so that the pages look upside down until you turn the book around. One cover has a black background, the one on the back has a white background, or, is it vice versa?

It’s a fat book with a lot of recommendations. Some think Larry is highly opinionated but I can imagine that Kaufman thinks he isn’t. 495 pages. But GM Kaufman does one thing I wish other authors would do, but usually don’t: he keeps flipping upside down what I favor! Sometimes Purdy would do this when he “talks” “White is up 1-1/4 pawns by my count.” The logic of it can’t be possible for all the variations he covers can it? Who would have that much time to calculate? Well, computer programmer Larry might because some years ago he got his GM title at a Senior event (over 50?)

How about this: Peter Leko is playing Arkady Naiditsch at Dortmund 2010. After 4 moves here is what the American GM wrote: “This is the complex Vienna Variation. It is probably the best choice for Black in a must win (they were in the 10th round) game. I’ve used it myself, once qualifying for the US Championship thanks to a win with it.” Then, after Black’s 10th move, 10…Bd7, he writes “This is the chicken move, usually when a draw is the aim.”

That game didn’t end in a draw but instead, a win for Leko after 60 moves! Lots of analyses for only $29.95. But, today only, you can get it for $14.98 + $5.00 for S&H. If you want both books and I still have both, it will cost you $24.96 + $6.50 for shipping in the US.

Yesterday late I promised…

A bit of tantalization (is that a word?). I suggested a SALE of a bunch of chess engines (and databases, and one book) at a spectacular price. They are from my own collection and so if you make out a check, please make it out to “Bob Long” rather than any of the company names I have. The postage will be locked on this block of items at $8.00. There are 9  items! The retail value when they were issued was very high, probably $600.00+.

Seriously, what could you do with such “firepower?” Besides the huge collection of games, every “engine” has different ways of evaluating moves. There are times when I would get locked up with Houdini or Rybka and I would turn to another program and it would pop out a different first move than would those programs which were a sort of “gold standard.” Yes, that #1 move might be on the lists of the other engines but not in the top spot! So I might try THEIR suggestion and sometimes a way would be found to use that move effectively. I won’t go into why that could work, it’s MY secret but a tip is the “way pieces are valued at that particular snapshot.”

After the two Encyclopedic references (2009, and 2010) (both still sealed as originally), I have Junior 12 (also sealed), ChessBase 10 (my original workhorse), Deep Rybka 4,  Fritz 12, Zap!Chess (a remarkable dealy-bob), Hiarchs 13 (the professional openings book, sealed), and Shredder 11 you have an arsenal of number crunching, head-wagging, plutonium bending power to max out anyone. Hence you might also trying pitting one engine against another. You can learn superfast from a method such as this if you are into opponent preparation. This is THE wheel of fortune folks. The engine ZAP! was not well-known at its debut but it WUZ the top dog. This time, and probably never again, all this for $39.95!! Proof positive I have fallen off my rocker. Remember, ONE ONLY, and ONLY for today.

That’s it back to some other important things.

Bob, the chess guy 24/7


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