November 4th broke the sales streak. Didn’t sell even one copy of Khemlnitsky’s books despite a recommendation (which I didn’t solicit) from Greg Delaney telling all of us the books were very good!

We will try to start a new winning streak today. But I’ve been up late working on a new headache, so I won’t be putting up new titles today until later this morning after I get up.

Even “marketers” need their sleep.

In the meantime I still have quite a few copies left of the new books I posted yesterday.

I worked some on the website on Tuesday. There will be some changes to the Morphy Club info so that I can get more members. The Gold and Bronze club will be merged into one Club with only the antique bronze coin. The gold coins will be included on the chess boxes we are making to make them even more exclusive. Joe Byrnes will be the second person to get a Gold Coin. My son Rob will be the first because of all the work he has done or will be doing to make the Grand Turk set a winner for a booklet. So at the moment the Gold coin can’t be bought as much as I would like to sell it. Selling them would help me to pay for the whole coinage order.

More news and books later today.

Thanks, see you in my dreams.




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