So far, every day, this crazy idea of selling something at “half-off” has produced some very interesting results.

1) I lose money;

2) I hear from people I don’t often hear from; (not 100% true, there are some regulars picking up bargains)

3) Customers learn something new about the book, a set, or some other piece of long lost “news.”

4) Some days I sell completely out of of what was on the menu;

5) I make “holes” in the shelves so I can have crevices to put in the new stuff. Today I had a box that was so heavy I can finally start it on a reducing diet by sending out merchandise which had been advertised some time ago. E.g., One company will take over another company and the new people get all mixed up, which concerns me because in both cases it’s not that they are chess books– they are just books darn it!

6) In some cases (like what I am offering today) I may have been personally involved.

7) This is a chance to get some Christmas gifts at rock bottom prices;

8) Some times a reader will tell me something or offer an anecdote I hadn’t heard before

So… Let’s Get on with the SHOW!

IM Igor khemelnitsky came over from the Soviet Union and got a job at Aetna Insurance as an actuary. He also came to one of my Chess Festivals, in 2004. He and IM Andrew Martin played one of the fastest and most rigorous blitz games I have ever seen. I thought I was going to have to bring Don King in to promote it for his next event.

Igor published three books in his “Chess Exams” series. I SOLD out of the first one but I have two other titles left.

Chess Exam: Matches against Chess Legends YOU VS. BOBBY FISCHER. For all levels: Beginner to Master, it is Lessons in Tactics and Strategy. The work Khemlnitsky has put into each of these two books wears me out just reading all the details. In the Fischer one you take the part of Fischer’s opponent and you have chances to beat Fischer or at least draw against him. It isn’t that this kind of idea hasn’t been done before, it’s (in my opinion) that it hasn’t been done this well before! Being a statistician you can count on charts, helpful ones. There and dozens of tidbits and things you probably didn’t know. Full of puzzles, fun, and spooky spectacular moves! The book retails for $21.95 but you can get your copy for $10.98 + $5 for S&H. A true bargain and wonder of wonders, you no doubt will learn a LOT. One of the great features of these books is the scorings at the back and you can find out if you are a total novice all the way up to Grandmaster.

That was one book.

Your other choice (or get both) is another Khmelnitzky book, Chess Exam and Training Guide: Tactics. Rate Yourself and Learn how to improve. A somewhat similar layout to the one on Fischer.

I was talking with friend Mark Flowers today and we both agreed if you want to put a little “wood” into your rating, beef up your tactics and right away, you will start winning more games. Axel Smith might even say it will “Pump Up Your Rating.”

Let’s not forget, one of the things that helped Igor and helped him a lot is that he published quizzes and tactical efforts on his website. So he got lots of feedback and some true accuracy in his text because lots of people took them–mucho data.

In fact you can look at his books as Diagnostic tools. And TACTICS is so important (to winning) as you get older. Get your tactics down so you can breeze through the puzzles. Maybe start with checkmates first.

And you can buy one of each of these books and S&H is only $5.50.

Lastly (you can tell I am a little tired (haha), the disappearance of DST knocked me for a loop) here is a list of new books which came in today. After I ship out the ones already spoken for here is what I have:

Carlsen move by move just in time for the big match in a few days. $29.95

(I DID order Anand move by move but someone in warehousing messed it up. Will get it soon.)

Grandmaster Preparation Attack & Defence $29.95 (by Aagaard)

Grandmaster Preparation Endgame Play, also by Aagaard $29.95.

Grandmaster Repertoire 18 The Sicilian Sveshnikov by Kotronias. $29.95.

Grandmaster Repertoire 1.e4 vs French, Caro-Kann, and Philidor by the #2 Indian NEGI. This one looks really recommendable! $34.95. 600 slam bam pages.

Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition. (van der Oude something or other.) All of us can used this one.

Opening Repertoire The Fianchetto against the King’s Indian and Grunfeld. I should have studied this 20 years ago. But it hopping brand new and from an Argentinian GM. $26.95.

The last one concerns me because after I sent it to everyone who wanted one, I think I am sold out and it is LUND’s, Secret Life of Bad Bishops.  So, be patient, I will get more. These WANTLISTS are valuable to both of us.

Most of you who bother to save anything I send out should be able to figure out the Chess Butler and Gold Card prices from my News Letter (some people are hopeless but really, they just don’t want to do anything to make the process go smoother!) The price for S&H is still $5.50 for the two Khmelnitky books.


I’ve been told the Morphy Coins are in the country and I know they will make great totems. When you join the Morphy Club they will be included in the membership. The shiny gold ones, however will not have a separate category and only be used for special occasions. In other words no GOLD coins for sale at this time through membership or any other way. Quite a few people have indeed asked me about the requirements and they will be described in the Nov. Bob’s News Letter. Why not subscribe for $20 and you will get all the back issues too.

That’s enough for now. Know this, the sale of the Khmelnitsky books are good for ONE day only, Nov. 4th. Let’s keep the streak going.

Thank you friends.


the chess guy 24/7


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One thought on “NOV. 4TH, 2014 — EVERY EVENING IS INTERESTING!

  1. Bob, I have all three of the books in this series by Igor and they are first rate. I would heartily encourage the readers of this blog to snap up this deal, and especially at this price. The exercises in the books, how Igor lays them out, are very helpful and edifying.

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