NOV. 3 — 2 for 1 + FREE BONUS

OK Monday morning, wake up.

Christmas is around the corner, many publishers are just getting their Christmassy chess books out but I have a deal where you can spread the wealth. Make your dough go further. We all know a few chess players who would like something slick that they didn’t have to pay for, and the gift giver wouldn’t have to pay much for! Right?

Look at this list: The Chess Gangs of New York and London:

1. LASKER The Ultimate Streetfighter $12.95.

2. BLACKBURNE The Black Death in Spades. $12.95.

3. ALEKHINE The Executioner. $12.95.

4. PILLSBURY The Fencer. $12.95.

5. CAPABLANCA The Mouthpiece. $12.95.

6. PETROSIAN The Punisher. $13.95.

7. LARSEN The Hammer. $12.95.

8. HOROWITZ The Interrogator. $12.95.

9. BRONSTEIN The Mechanic. $12.95.

11. MASON The Piledriver. $12.95.

12. Botvinnik Da Boss. $13.95.

Hey, Wait a Minute, Where’s #10? KERES Machine Gunner

Holdus Thy Horses!

Here’s the deal, pick ANY 2 of the above 11 “Chess Gangs” and pay only $12.95 + $5 for S&H.

Then, you get #10, KERES absolutely FREE!

For those who would like the whole set, you get all 11 (eleven) for only $50.00 PLUS you get the Keres BONUS at no extra charge, that is, FREE! S&H is only $8.00.

Tremendous for collectors, fun reading, and instructive. The books only contain wins with the white or black pieces plus feisty and humorous notes, lots of diagrams. Maybe you can read them in bed!

Once used as a premium for monthly purchases these booklets provided hilarity coupled with a quick savviness as the antagonist quickly dispatched their opponents while playing with a tuning fork. Every cover is in full-colored and a caricature of our winner as aptly displayed by artistic winner Rob Long. Here is what James Pratt said about the art (at least 3 pieces each issue):

“Rob’s work, as ever, makes me want his illustrations this side of the Atlantic. We couldn’t afford him anyway, but I can dream.” James Pratt, for the BCM (British Chess Magazine!)

Each book has 40 or more annotated games. About 40-50 pages. Slick, colorful cover. Great for gifting.

BUT, this offer is good for ONE DAY ONLY!


Bob Long

The Chess Guy 24/7



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