In yesterday’s post (Friday) I said I wouldn’t be posting any “half-off sales” on the weekends didn’t I?

As you can see, here I am but I just wanted to let you know that “sometimes” I won’t be on here due to a weekend road trip, or the perennial birthday celebrations in my family. Last night I was working on sales taxes for the last quarter, and, even though I worked like the so-called “busy beaver,” couldn’t get it completely finished, so, more to do today.

In the meantime, in keeping up with what one of my customers who said, in effect, I haven’t been offering any crumby books here’s another good one, by John Watson: A Strategic Chess Opening Repertoire for White.

The retail price was a paltry $26.95. It’s 271 pages and bills itself as a “Complete plan of attack with 1 d4 and 2 c4.”

To indulge those who have to know everything this book contains 12 chapters:

1. Queen’s Gambit Declined.

2. Tarrasch Defence.

3. Unorthodox Queen’s Gambit.

4. Queen’s Gambit Accepted.

5. Slav Defence.

6. Semi-Slav Defence.

7. Nimzo-Indian Defence (brave author).

8. King’s Indian Defence.

9. Grünfeld Defence.

10. Benoni Systems and Benko Gambit (I didn’t know the “gambit” was included! Big benefit.)

11. Dutch Defence.

12. Assorted Defences (the Budapest and Fajarowicz, systems with …d6 or …g6, systems with …e6 and …b6, and lastly, more assorted defenses (Old Indian, Modern, English Defense and others which he covers in 1 page each–probably your favorite!)

$13.48 + $5 for S&H. You have until Sunday midnight to order this puppy.

A NEW THING! while you were looking in the other Direction

The wooden analysis sets are here! The one’s I advertised (with a mediocre looking photo) in the latest issue of Bob’s News Letter ($20 only). I wanted to get these in front of your eyeballs as quickly as possible since I only purchased a dozen of them. It was late Friday night (yesterday) and I had to drive to the Fedex loading area in Moline, a 20 miles round trip to make it by 7 p.m. and I just barely did make it, having just come from the photography studio for another project.

I opened a box to photograph one later in the day and I was pleasantly surprised–even better than I thought and I thought they would be good!

1. The magnets are WITHIN the pieces, so there is no conjured up or hyped height on the King at all. In other words, the bottoms are flat (but with paper green felt). There are light magnets inside which has one HUGE benefit. The pieces are attracted to the board, but when you take the pieces out of their green foam holder, they don’t all stick together like maniacs… a problem with many small sets with magnets.

• You can actually tell the pieces apart, they all look like Kings, Rooks, Queens, Knights, Bishops, and cool pawns. The board is inlaid, . The white pieces are boxwood and the darker pieces, as promised are budrosewood though not the same order of shiny brilliance as the Grand Turk.

• In fact, this is not a scaled down Grand Turk, just a nice little set made of budrosewood. The squares are 3/4″. The King is 1-1/4″ tall. There is a thin “moat” of a quarter-inch surrounding the island of the chess board and then the border surrounding that is 1/2 inch.

• The depth of the whole unit is the same height as the King, 1-1/4.” Underneath the “board is a slotted “cave” (just my term for it in which the sliding drawer resides. If you wish you can push the drawer all the way through and out.

• That drawer is all wood too, maybe stained but if so a good job was done on it. Inside that is the green foam in which you can place the pieces when finished. Under that is another thin panel of wood which can and most likely will get some “wear” after being pushed in and out during the duration of its time of repeated use. The drawer, of course, hides completely away.

• The board can be tilted about 70 degrees before the pieces start sliding downward. Also, the board is 7 inches square.

• If you have normal sized fingers you will have no trouble moving the pieces about.

Some additional features of a set like this are:

1. Use it to play almost anywhere. Especially on  a plane, a car, train, or on your lunch desk. No matter where I’ve been and a chess set was pulled out (which you can do here because it’s small), it always attracted strangers.

2. Even though there are enclosures for all the pieces when you are finished, if you are in a real hurry, for some reason, you can “scoop” up the pieces and put them in your pocket and then put them away properly when you get to your destination.

3. There is NO doubt as to which is the King and which is the Queen. The King has a nice obvious cross on his crown. The Bishops do NOT like like tall pawns, each mitre has a gash in it.

4. Each set and board comes with a green drawstring pouch to protect it.

The price is absurd with this SATURDAY offer. If you have to see a picture of it because you think my tastes may be a little Rod Serling-ish, contact me before this weekend is over and I will get one to you via email. But to get this set at $49.95 you have to buy it this weekend. Shipping in the USA is $12.95. This set will be selling for $59.95 starting next week and will be given away as a bonus to anyone who buys a Grand Turk at $995 or the remaining box (the Topkapi Palace–House of Grids for $1,295.) Incidentally, it is doubtful we will be getting any more of these before Christmas as we will be too busy for the Season to set all these up for shipping.

* INSANE. Instead of $75.00 (or more), you can get this from the premiere artisan of limited chess sets, in BUDROSEWOOD for $49.95 but you have to act to purchase by midnight tomorrow. As always, everything is complete satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days. Word of caution: When you are finished playing, put the little chess monsters back into their recesses. We do not guarantee against loss or “the dog ate it.” I would “assume” the Chess Butler’s audience is too sophisticated to allow that. $49.95 one weekend only.


Are you desiring the latest, greatest, most fantastic chess engine, Komodo 8? For 2 weeks my other boxed DVD edition of Komodo 8 was lost–just ask my friend George, who wanted one. (He got it I specially ordered it.) I haven’t had a chance to use it, but if you want the remaining one I have, it will set you back $85 instead of the $99 retail. Never been opened. Lost it under the computer monitor as I had intended to review it for my News Letter–LIFE IS NOT A PERFECT SCIENCE. The shipping and handling is $4. SO if you want one pronto as “Tonto,” it will be $89.00.

That’s all for today, I have to get to the post office (it used to be 2 blocks from my shop, now I have to traipse around several miles). The BIG CHESS BOOK order from my distributor will probably be here this Monday.

See you soon.


the chess guy 24/7

563-271-6657 or


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