Aaargh. 2 hours blown figuring that and then sending the money to the state.

The good thing? In the morning and on the road to see how my Mom is doing after spending a week in the hospital for a very high pulse rate and breathing problems. Then I will try to see my bro Jim for a bit.

Then I head home, where if I follow form, I will be too tired to do anything except to pay attention to the road.

That evening, hopefully, I will pick up the photography I am having done for a new chess project.

Then, those taxes. BOOO!

And while I am at that, will inform you that my 50% OFF sales won’t operate on the weekends.

But, to make up for that, will have something cool starting next Monday, so get up for that.

And one last thingie: A bunch of books (new ones) should show up tomorrow or Saturday. List and stuff like that will show up in your email boxes.


The book for Friday is none other than Jonathan Hawkins’ Amateur to IM, Proven Ideas and Training Methods.

This is the guy who made an IM title in 3 years from just being an ordinary (haha) expert. Now he has two GM norms. One more and he is a FIDE GM.

His secret? Sort of like Carlsen’s, it’s the ENDGAME!

He tells his story here in 369 pages. The book is loaded with annotated games, mostly, not his! But he studied them and learned a TON (2000 pounds folks). He claims he is “self-taught” but that he also knows the problems most “rising stars” face when trying to be at a better place than they currently are.

I’ve sold a lot of these early on, but the topic “endgame” probably makes some people shiver! I am guessing that by using Hawkin’s book you will have made your foray into endgame study 100 times easier than with Reuben Fine.

$14.98 is your price + $5.00 for shipping. 3 left.

See you soon.


the chess guy 24/7

phone: 563-271-6657

One Day Only SALE

PS: Please don’t stop ordering books hoping I will offer THE one you’ve been wanting but are hoping to get for half price. Chances ARE (Johnny Mathis) you aren’t that lucky. I have 100s and 100s of titles to list on these pages and most of them aren’t going to be the ones you’ve been wanting all along or you would have gotten them. Chess books, as a fact, are so CHEAP that’s why only “knuckleheads” like me sell them because the amount of profit in them, over time, won’t get your SO a ring worth much more than a “memory.”


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