Sold two of the Carlsen books today, the hardcover. Two people got a very good deal.

For Thursday I have a Gambit book which is on the hook, and primed for sale. It has a retail of $27.50 and it is for the player with the Black pieces who want to reduce White’s game to rubble.

The system is “Sound” and “Ambitious.” Isn’t that what we want? We don’t want to get blown out of the water in the opening. Yet, we want to put some “sawdust” in White’s hot chocolate. As he’s choking, you just grab a couple pawns off the board. However, don’t be dumb and take two pawns that leave YOU wide open to a “mating attack.” So this may require a little forethought.

The book is by an old Eastern friend, IM James Rizzitano. It’s 160 big pages and he shows you how to deal with 1.d4, a move which a lot of people are still having trouble with that one. I was one of them. I tried playing the King’s Indian with great effect but a lot of my opponent’s tried to mix it up in other systems. The one that I didn’t necessarily know all that well, I just won with them (in other words, people would try goofball stuff and I would win against that). When they “bravely” let me play the King’s Indian, my results were nothing I wanted to write mama back home about. If they played 1.b4, or 1.Nf3, or 1.e4 or stuff like that, I won often. If they played 1.f4 my wins were pretty credible. even against 1.d4 my results were good. But when it looked like 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 d6 anything could happen. There was no “hot shot” left in me.

In all the years the Benko Gambit was around whenever I tried it, they usually declined it against me. How’s a guy supposed to learn anything? So Jim wrote How to Beat 1d4.

He covered a lot of ground with some powerful games. Here’s a list of the openings he is trampling on.

Queen’s Gambit Accepted:

White’s 3rd move alternatives (that is, not 3.Nc3)

Central and Mannheim Variation. Then there is the Furman and Two Knight variations followed by 6 variations with the “classical” variation. Then comes the Queen’s Pawn games;




King’s Fianchetto



Stonewall Attack


the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit

That’ll give you plenty to chew on.

Jim offers “rules” and other guidelines for poking White in the eye.

Your price if you step on it will be 50% off, or $13.75. I have three of them. 160 pages. Shipping is $5.00. Good for ONE day only.

What did I do this afternoon?

I spent a couple hours with my buddy Dave using some software from Adobe to work on my website. The domain “Chess Butler” will be the one we use. He’s slowly convincing me I am doing the right thing. It will be but it will be a while before we publish all of what we have to the web. I am beginning with PROJECTS to focus on inventory. Then we will deal with the Gold Card holders etc. I like Dave. It’s outstanding that he has my interests at heart. I wish he was a chess lover.

By the Way Chess People

There’s a reason people are interested in chess and I will be exploring why we do what we do soon in a White Paper Report. It will be free but it will go to those customers who have purchased from me but for whatever reason I can’t get the impetus going for them to send $20 to subscribe. I’ll let you know when it is done. Plenty on my plate as it is.

I won’t get to work on my website tomorrow, 3-4 important things to do. But I suspect I will be at it on Friday.

I just remembered

There is a difference between the phrase Out of Stock and Out of Print.

The first one, “Out of Stock” means there is a chance it will be back in stock by being reprinted, or receiving a new shipment of product from SOMEONE. With respect to the “Out of Print” that generally means you aren’t likely to find it, especially at the publisher’s.

It kind of boggles my mind but sometimes a book is made and published by Thinkers’ Press and it will not have seen the light of day for 20-30 years and we get orders for it (or them). No chance. It creates havoc with inventory, taxes, and who knows what else? But sometimes someone will have a small stock of some title I used to sell. One reseller I knew bought 500 (you read it right) copies from me of “Lasker & His Contemporaries #1.” No joke. He hasn’t had any left for YEARS! I think many went to Europe in TRADE for something he wanted!

However, I’ve since come across two sets of L&HC #1-4. The original price was $20 each I believe. My inventory didn’t last long either. But I will sell these two sets which are in nice condition for $100.00. That INCLUDES shipping and handling.

I know several people asked about getting a set in 2014. So here they are. One hundred bucks each.

P.S.: I was at a printer’s yesterday. Her name was Sue. She wasn’t named by Johnny Cash either. Anyway, I am trying to make what I call a S-Q Loupe based on an idea I gleaned from something Purdy wrote. She finally got what I was saying and her assistant said it would be WAYYYYYYY too expensive. (What does that mean anyway if I might be willing to pay for it?) Now this next part is rather weird. I was at Dave’s house today when he got a phone call from SUE! While he was talking I said into the phone, “Sue, this is Bob Long, I am at Dave’s house!”

She replied, “NO WAY!”

We finally got onto the right wave length. She then said, “I might have a source for that product item you mentioned yesterday!” When she found out I wasn’t going to try and nickel and dime her about it’s cost she replied, “I’m going to send you an email about that S-Q Loupe.” I even have these non-chessplayers talking that way. The nice moments of being in business.

So, let’s see if anything turns up. I’ve implied it a hundred times, “The Chess Butler is NO ordinary reseller!!” Tell your friends. I’ve been threatening a 4-page newsletter lately to those who haven’t yet laid down their $20 for getting my regular newsletter, BNL, Bob’s News Letter. Here’s what Dan G. said on a “call” this evening about my news letter. (He’s seen it.) “You have 45 people who read and pay for your newsletter, and 85 who have bought from you but not signed up, all this in the past 5 years?? And you want to know HOW to get the other 85 to “convert??”

Then he intoned, “You got 45 to pay and you want it to be 100 percent?” The 45 is incredible. The conversion of the 85 is insane! Then you would be at 100%!!

Here’s the REAL Bob Long writing. It didn’t sound impossible to me. When that happens I feel like quitting. Then what do I do for a job? This is the way I thought about the 2010 Last Chess Clinic (which it was). We had 36 people there paying $150 or so apiece. 33 bought my first Black Book “The Critical Secret of Accomplishing anything” (I am paraphrasing). They were $40 apiece! I know the 3 who didn’t buy: (2 were father and son and from out of this country. I knew this would be no sale before I opened the doors, so that doesn’t count. 1 other didn’t purchase it because, in my opinion, he has absolutely no faith in himself after having bought lots of used chess books at second hand stores for 25 cents a piece!)

Yesterday, I filled out a Questionnaire

Two weeks ago I got my “I’m retiring your ass” papers handed to me by my friend. It will eventually get out, so, there it is. I’m sad, like most would be. It’s not important to go into it at this time. You might think, “He has a terrible time with the ladies doesn’t he?” Or you could look at it another way: “He doesn’t like being controlled by passive-aggressive folks” and will sometimes say something he shouldn’t say. About every 6 years I do this.

Anyway, I took one of these questionnaires to find out more about me and how I might pinpoint where I am going wrong. This PhD, Helen Fisher (no connection with the misspelling of Bobby Fischer’s name) wrote back that my primary type is DIRECTOR. She said, I can be “decisive, focused, analytical, logical, competitive, self-disciplined, and independent.” Doesn’t that sound like someone involved intimately with a subject like CHESS? I didn’t find anything shameful in what I read I am just trying to figure out how to use that info to “suit up” and get people to subscribe to BOB’S NEWS LETTER. Why not subscribe today? Only $20. Easy to pay. (PayPal is one way, to: I’ve shown you “mine” how about your showing me yours?

Incidentally, some years ago I paid to have an analysis of my skills so I could better serve (get it, BUTLER) my customers. I was told I was suited toward writing, and was a Visionary Philosopher. That was probably not good enough for those who always ask “What’s your rating?” Look it up tyro, I’m in the book. When Purdy was kicking butt and taking names was anyone asking him what his rating was? I don’t think so. I know you by your works, not your words would be a possible response.

Even homeless people have $20, I know some because I gave them $20.00. I am trying to prove a point about newsletters. So, jump on board will ya? You can get in touch with me at: 563-271-6657.


the chess guy 24/7

(Stepping off soapbox.)


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