At least three people are happier now because I sent out (3) copies of Mastering Opening Strategy by GM John Hellsten, and each got them at $14.98 instead of the full retail price of $29.95.

Here’s Wednesday’s, an even bigger ticket item: GM Kotronias wrote a beautiful book called Carlsen’s Assault on the Throne. It’s a 2013 book from Quality Chess. It’s the one where his arms are raised, he has just been thrown in the pool. (Maybe it was Anand who tossed him in!)

It’s in color and it’s a hardcover book! The retail is $34.95, that means you can get one for just $17.48 + $5.50 for shipping–it’s a heavier book as most Quality Chess books are.

It starts out with the 14 rounds of the London tournament in 2012. Remember the one where Kramnik tied with Carlsen and they both lost their last round games but Carlsen went through on a better tie-break? A pathetic system that no one could like except for those trying to keep expenses down.

Then came 10 rounds of the Anand-Carlsen match. All draws except for Carlsen’s 3 wins. There’s about 306 pages the last one being of Carlsen with the usual “wreath” around his shoulders (in color). A fine book which kept me up several nights reading through it.

I didn’t check the analysis notes but I am sure little gets by Jacob Aagaard’s keen eye. Kotronias also had help from Sotiris Logothetis and the prose is fascinating and comforting. How? It was like part of the story had already been written as if Anand was going to lose, which he did when the pressure was on. I am not sure how you can “ditch” that kind of problem through more tournaments UNLESS Anand now knows what makes Carlsen tick. Botvinnik had similar problems when he played subsequent matches to get his title back… he still had problems with Smyslov.

I only have 3 left.

NOTE: I got a phone call this morning from Amanda. I will be getting a bunch of heavy boxes of new books from NIC, Quality Chess, and some Everyman books: Anand move by move and Carlsen move by move. These will not be in the 50% off attraction, I have to make some sales to keep everything going.

I know some won’t shut their computer off until they have checked my Blog Posting for Wednesday. Here you are.

Also, I thought one or two might be tempted to buy the WHOLE DVD collection for $450 but, no such luck. As you might guess, some have started buying the smaller bundles! So, that’s great!

NOTE 2: I have a question as I am preparing for the Morphy Chess Club (and it’s serious FUN!) I’ve been looking for items from the 1858 period. I’ll be looking for money, watches, maybe old chess photos, etc.If you have any such or know where some things are could you let me know? Some publishing houses have people on staff who can afford to have them look those kinds of things up. I can’t. You’ll get credit should a magazine result.

Remember SQUARES? We had over 500 subscribers at $30 for each session (two sessions). Sounds like I made out eh? Wrong. Wong. And, Wrong. I didn’t get all the bills paid off until a year after there were no more SQUARES and there were even some advertising sponsors who tried to help.

As an aside, I was surprised that I have about 90 people who spent some money with the Chess Butler over the last 5 years but who were not subscribers to Bob’s News Letter. Any idea why not? Unfortunately as I grew up my belief system in myself was muddled. Even though I became an Eagle Scout just after I turned 14, I felt, somehow, I was slacking off! When things I work hard on don’t happen in my goal setting time frame, I blame me–not Obama or anyone else.

So, if you know why those 90 people just hung around outside watching the pretty girls go by maybe you can tell me. I just haven’t had enough of a guilt-complex lately!



the chess guy

PS: I just sold another Hellsten book, they are now all gone. Don’t wait.


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