OCTOBER 28, 2014 50% OFF SALE

The book I chose for TUESDAY is by GM Johan Hellsten.

It’s not too old, 2012.

He called it “Mastering Opening Strategy.” My Tuesday, tomorrow is going to be another busy one so I wanted to get it set up the night before.

It’s published by Everyman Chess. Everyman also did his book on The Endgame and one called “Mastering Chess Strategy.”

Right away I went to the opening index and found 52 different systems of which 10 were Sicilian Defenses. Normal. In fact the others, proportionately, were equally well represented among the 222 annotated games (don’t kid yourself, try annotating that many-it’s a lot,)

It’s got all the usual good stuff but the back of the book has even more!

Do people prepare their opening repertoires with panache?

Check out chapter 5 and see if you do. Apparently I don’t know what I am doing! He has two tables. Openings and defenses with structural similarities. In the other table he shows openings and defenses with certain “style” factors in common.

To me the diagram sizes in Hellsten’s books is just right and gives one confidence to actually LOOK AT the diagram for structural discernment.

Some games are complete and others are the beginning of an exercise, and solutions are provided.

This book isn’t trivial there are a lot of places where you HAVE to think.

And, while there are only 4 chapters, there is another nifty place in the back of the book he is big on: maintaining your repertoire, having a flexible repertoire, and playing what the opponent plays against his own lines! Great confusion factor he says. (Because, he (your opponent) is wondering what you know about his systems.)

You can get this nearly $30 book for $14.98 + $5 for S&H. Good only for this Tuesday. Send payment to Thinkers’ Press, inc., 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, Iowa 52803. You can use PayPal (to: info@chessbutler.com), credit card (just call Bob at 563-271-6657). Checks and money orders are fine. When your check clears, we ship unless we already know you.

Hey pardner, thanks.

By the way, send an email on who you think will win, by what score, and a reason. The reason may be the decider! What will you win? I will write about you in this Blog for all the world to see!


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