A Quickie Note: After going through another “vetting” process, entering blog name and password (I had to get a new password because I couldn’t remember the one I used) I’m here again. The only thing I can think of is that Word Press must get hacked a lot and so they need a lot of handholding to find out if you are you.

The worst case of “hacking” I ever saw, chesswise, was the GEORGIA CHESS website. Nothing but pornography all over it and no attempt to ever rein it in. It just stayed that way.

Let’s see, where was I? Oh, my friend Mike Vuolo put some comments on the little operation I have going on here (chessbutler) because someone asked about it. Had to have the website name. Ummm, what does that prove? Never heard from him. He’s chicken.

One thing I learned being in the marketing business for a long time is that some people are scared shitless they might be sold something if they contacted someone directly. So what the marketers did was create a recorded message that people who were scared of being sold something could call, listen to the message, and then crawl out from under their bed and make a phone call if they deemed it safe.

If I was going to do something sneaky like that wouldn’t I have someone with a sweet voice on that recorded call? Then if you called that number, I would have Clint Eastwood at the other end and he would say: “Listen up punk, send us an order or I will come out there and beat up your skinny ass.”

Is the phone that powerful? Can’t you just hang up?

In church today there was a kid, probably 2, I’ve seen him there many other times with his 5 other brothers and sisters. He whined, cried, and occasionally screamed. He has to be picked up and held and that doesn’t always work with him. Maybe something is wrong with him, but he doesn’t seem to do this when he is leaving. He needs, apparently, constant attention, and only sometimes get it. The rest of us are beating our heads against the wall to find out which is least “painful.”

He will discover when he gets older, it will be like the boy who cried “Wolf” (I was going to say “big-assed grizzly bear” but thought I better be straight so that readers would know that I did know the fairy tale). Whining in a meeting won’t work. Crying on the playground will only get him beat up. In Boy Scouts he will be chosen to get “snipe.”

So, buck up champ. If you want to know more about chess, go to the “chess dude” (That’s me) at info@chessbutler.com

… be back soon… Bob

PS: The October issue of BOB’S NEWS LETTER will contain an article to determine HOW “to get the ‘killer instinct’ needed for great chess.” Drop me a line to learn how to subscribe (emailing me is a “brave” pre-qualification process.)


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