Was it a success? What is a success?

Did you go? If not would you have liked to have gone?

Did you understand the pairing system and how people qualified?

Did you think Maurice Ashley and Ann Lee did this event correctly?

Was having it in a casino a good idea… or even, was having it in Las Vegas a good idea?

Opinion: Did the event lose money? How important is that as long as it wasn’t yours?

If you were running a similar event, what would you do differently?

Fischer said that Big Money would attract many more people. Do you agree with that?

Use this Blog to submit your comments.




  1. I was there. I’d say it was a good first run, but not without occasional hiccups and room for improvement. Honestly, I’d rather play at the National Open, which has a significantly lower entry fee (and lower prizes), yet still offers some nice features that Millionaire Chess didn’t have this year (e.g. big chess vendor on site, GM analysis of players’ games, demo boards for the games on stage). It’s my hope that MC will add that stuff for any future events they run.

    I don’t have access to the financials, but I have to assume that MC lost a lot of money on this tournament. However, that appears to have been part of their plan. I believe there will need to be significant growth in both sponsorship and player attendance for this business model to prove sustainable. I hope they can achieve sustainability, but as of right now I have my doubts. However, once again, I know nothing about the financials.

    I think a Vegas hotel is a superb site for this sort of event. The casino part is irrelevant to me, since I don’t gamble. If others like it, that’s good for them. If not, then they can simply ignore it as I do.

    Ultimately, I think having big money in chess would require making it a spectator sport, and I really don’t think that’s possible, despite Ashley’s (and others’) best attempts. The general public simply doesn’t have the chess knowledge necessary to appreciate the game commentary. However, I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong!

  2. If given a choice between being a spectator at the 2014 Sinquefield Cup and playing in the Millions Tourney, hands down the Sinquefield would win. Not even close. I like chess history and I think the 2014 Sinquefield Cup will be part of chess history where the Millions Tourney I feel didn’t even get that much coverage. I wanted to go to St Louis so bad because I knew history was in the making. Instead I compromised with the wife and stayed home and bought a vinyl roll up board with their signatures on for $50.00 instead. Not the same as being there and having them sign my own board but it has to due for now. I know you didn’t ask about the Sinquefield Cup but I wanted to compare it to something even those it’s kind of like apples and oranges. I watched Fabiano’s games every day thanks to the internet and great commentary by Krush & Serawin.

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