I suspect, by now, those who are playing in Las Vegas understand how the pairings would be made, prizes would be awarded… I don’t.

Next subject: Does Peter Svidler know how to win? Here’s a man who appears to be a likable guy and he finishes in the middle of the pack (0ften). When he plays in the Russian championship he finishes first. What is the reason he is invited? I’m not trying to be mean, just find out what their criteria for selection is. Grischuk is a wild man. That seems good enough. Gelfand, since his “match” with Anand has played like a house on fire in the middle of the night.

Thinkers’ Press: The last issue of #06 1 BOND St. didn’t get finished last night no matter how hard I tried. Purdy’s notes are good, their format is about saving space. Sometimes he makes a “train of thought” annotation and no one knows which move sequence it belongs to. A lot of time can be used trying to sort everything out. You’ll see the “refresh” tomorrow. Then I will lay off Purdy for a while because I have lots of other things to do and prepare for.

Life’s interesting.


PS: My oldest boy Rob is in the art and design world so I thought he might know or find out what a Bobby Fischer mask would cost or where I could get one. He told me that making one, is expensive, more than a little. So that idea for a series of sales videos (not for Halloween) has definitely been back-burnered. For a while I was amused.

PPS: My friend Tim Just has come out with a 6th edition USCF Rules book. Do you want one? I have no idea of what the retail price is. Right now I just would like to know how badly you would like one.


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