Of course there are about a half dozen or more ways to spell the word which means “cockeyed,” screwed up, oblique, off-center, whacked out, and so on. My Mom used to use it all the time when things weren’t quite right (maybe she was thinking of me).

I’ve been pondering lately about all the things I have tried to do in chess to make a living, and all the things which have gone awry, Reminds me of Robert Burns Poem to a Mouse:

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley.

Every once in a while something comes up that makes one feel “I’ve got it.”

Well, or waal, as Jimmy Stewart might’ve said, I recently published a list in issue #184 of Bob’s News Letter of an idea I have for a “By Postal Mail” chess club (no, not correspondence chess). I’ve named it The Morphy Club or the Paul Morphy Club. It’s subhead, according to Greg Delaney, a wise young man my junior, is another bunch of words I had hammered together: The Executive Chess Club. Definitely for certain types of chess people.

This club, tentatively, will be on 2-3 levels to “mimic” a type of club I belong to, but only in a round about way. The subjects are different, and actually most “things” they do are completely different! But, there is a commonality.

When I lived near Savannah, GA for 7 months I had a “fantastic” idea for a “tourist chess club” which probably would have done very well if I had the funds to put together a Morphy robotron (like at Disney world) that would play tourists passing through. It would have been in one of those nice Southern-style 2-3 story homes that go for $1.5+ M near the square. Different than Kempelen’s “Automaton” but still, fascinatingly engaging. As we all know, decorum would be essential, and so the “security” of keeping “sore losers” in line could be expensive.


At this time, that robotron idea will not be invoked but some other ones will including the MORPHY COIN. There is an amazing story about that. Mine are about to go into production because of a presentation I saw in May of this year, in Chicago. The presenter teased us with a really nifty idea on this to give us all greater self-confidence in doing darn near anything by ourselves or in front of an audience. In our case it could be in front of an opponent, all secretly!

Along the way is something about “improvement” that ALL people can use, even those who have given chess up. (I hear this one too often.)


Most of us “know” there is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH. If you have been with me over the years you know that with me that CLICHE is basically true. Once in a while I make an exception because I have something especially prepared but it will cost a buck and that’s “almost” free these days.

The “content list” is available in the September issue of Bob’s News Letter #174 (already sent out as a PDF). In October I will explain each of the items in #185, and the levels to be made available. In the November issue (#186) I will lay out the extra details of this “club” and HOW to qualify. The “kick off” for the Morphy Club begins in February 2015.

Each issue of BNL is about 14-20 pages. You might think this is about becoming a subscriber to BNL. That would be great but that’s NOT what this is about at all! I will send you a 3-month subscription starting with September, for only ONE dollar! Inside you will discover tips, reviews, letters, essays, ideas and so much more (test me).

One of my PAID subscribers to BNL for 2014 is IM Andrew Martin from London, England. He paid his $20.00 many months ago; from you I only need $1.00 (PayPal to is one way.) You can send a check or Money Order to: The Chess Butler, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803. If you want to pay via MasterCard, Visa, or Discover you can call me at 563-271-6657 or email me at for details.

Bob Long, President of Thinkers’ Press.

P.S. If you are already a subscriber to BNL you will already get this information included with your current subscription. The Morphy Club will be a new level of FUN. You don’t have to be a member of the U.S. Chess Federation or any local or regional chess clubs. As there are different levels of participation and pre-qualification, why don’t you send me your name, email address, and physical address (so I can mail you some items I can’t deliver over the internet… even Amazon can’t do that!) Please don’t overlook the need for a physical address. I put that in there for a reason.

There are more than a dozen benefits in store when you join this club. Value is the primary emphasis, AND plenty of fun. And it’s all made easier for you.

P.P.S. I am anxious to tell you more about the Morphy Coin so send that dollar today!


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