While the News Letter is only $20 per 12 issues, some will be at least 20 pages. The September issue is one such.

One person told me the reason he didn’t subscribe is that it was “too much information” if I have interpreted “TMI” correctly. That was a new one for me. No time to relax!! I should know by now what that means.

• What is in this monthly publication is the St. Louis 2014 autographs for the cover. Can you identify who was who?

• Eleven “bullet points” of WHY “Test Your Chess” by Zenon Franco is a truly great book!

• “What’s GNU?” has new books recently in stock such as Johannes Zukertort by Adams which is of much interest to those who like historical stuff (like myself) and “correcting” the record. Includes GM Negi’s new DVD which is supposed to be “world class” revelations!

• Then there is the battle of Sheldon vs Shirov. How does CBS get people to buy all kind’s of stuff for the Big Bang Theory show while workhorses like Shirov can get swindled out of playing for a World Championship and who has to play in tournament after tournament to make a mediocre living. Like Rodney Dangerfield, chess gets little respect when it has to count on other chess players to give it any respect. I could go to the Illowa Chess Club next week and discover half the players there who have never heard of Shirov. Pathetic.

• “Oh What a Thrill” is a one page notice which will be expanded in October and November, just in time for the Holiday Season (Christmas, Hannukah) about different levels of membership into the Morphy Club. 16 items on the agenda! Some really cool stuff if I don’t mind saying so myself.

• Quiz Item #7 for the $350 cash and prizes contest. Hurry and join the News Letter ($20) and get all back issues of the contest. A new question about famous chess pieces and celebrities.

• Info on the Nimzovich Defense book being postponed until 2015. And, when we expect (next week?) Purdy’s AMONG THESE MATES.

• The “Perceptions” page and new anti-cheating rules and why can’t FIDE just say “NO” to electronic devices (period) and end the debate of what is allowed?

• The Competitive Page and how we make our chess lives tougher than ever (and it’s our own fault). A few tweaks can make a major difference in your skill level, maybe 1-2 classes! In other words, STOP doing this or that. I remember one master telling me I attacked right from the “gong” of my game. I stopped doing that and my rating started rising. I, heretofore was too anxious to get the “initiative.”

• A Special “Rawhide” SALE of the “Move by Move” books.

• A Game of a HOME MADE chess match, my first game in years against my son Nate. I already had it in my head that since he had been playing chess online for some time that I was going to get wiped out. Yet, I take two pages to show how I drew. I won the next two also but those games aren’t given. I was “tougher” than I had given myself credit for being.

• A pictorial essay on “cards” showing the 6 combatants in St. Louis and how you can get a 6-pack of cards for under $10 (the postage is the killer).

• Finally a bigger layout and discussion of new items including DVDs.

• All this for $20 for one year, or, in effect, $1.67 per issue.

Contact Bob:

Now, back to our “regular feature.”


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