It’s my Birthday. Make a suggestion. I’ll think about it.


PS: There is a way to find out what people suggest in the way of comments. For today (already) there is a “paragraph box” to the right of my headline and you can click on that to read what others say. I should have been “clearer” in my suggestion of what to ask for because I wanted to avoid the kind of suggestions one sees in newspapers or online or common places. I am sure some would be embarrassed to ask. However some women might not be embarrassed to ask for an engagement ring, etc. (LOL)

It could be as “simple” as asking for a break of some sort (ergo, the discount) on the introduction of a Purdy book of his un-annotated games (which is in the works), a first-come first serve preview of Lasker & His Contemporaries #7, etc. When it comes to blatant percentage discounts, wouldn’t the sky be the limit? I’ll think about that before saying “Nope.” Anyway, put on your thinking cap. I know this isn’t easy because it never is for me either. But you will be amazed at your creativity if you just give yourself a chance. Not kidding about this.

Gonna go out tonight for a nice steak dinner as those are rare. Table for 9, invite everyone next to me to partake! Ask them to wear a tuxedo and a clown hat. Seriously Bob, are you kidding? Yes I am.



  1. For those who read the blog and respond a 50% off the retail price of any one book + $5.50 shipping that was in the 20 page black & white catalog that was sent out last went in an email.!!
    Just a thought or maybe buy one at The Chesser’s discounted price and get the second one for 1/2 price off retail. 🙂

  2. After reading your soliloquy maybe a peek and an advanced discount on Lasker & His Contemporaries #7 might be good, you notice how I threw in an advanced discount? Why not go back to the old days to prepay to fund the project and get a better discount than offered to others who buy later?
    BTW have a great time tonight and a great steak.

  3. Bob:
    Well Happy b-day. You get me “trained” to check email from u and then switch to blogging. Gonna have to get “retrained.” Got some reading to get caught up on.

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