Your editor and publisher, Bob Long, has them, but they aren’t FREE (as soon as a marketer announces something for FREE “everyone” seems to show up (I mean that rhetorically).

Yesterday, after much thought, an idea “boiled up” from my head and even a name for turning it into a book, maybe even a “free” monograph but, it hasn’t been produced yet!

What’s The Point of Secrets?

To hide something of value (to someone else). There are Industrial Secrets, governmental secrets (too many of those) personal secrets, and secrets which in some way will give someone at least an “edge” oR a Big Advantage at “SOMETHING.”

For example Fabiano Caruana had, with his coach Vladimir Chuchelov, some opening secrets prepared especially for events such as the Sinquefield Cup. And due to that preparation he won a lot of games (no doubt with some help from his opponents) from those he faced in St. Louis, Missouri. It was worth the trip.

Same with my business and the business of some of those I interact with. There are common sense “things,” of course, that “everyone” knows or has figured out such as in Roger Miller’s song “Dang Me,” when he advocates “Don’t go roller skating in a buffalo herd.” There are “tips” which get passed down in books or audio or video recordings.

From 2008 through 2012 I published three such, which were called the Black Books, sort of from the naming of the “Black Arts,” but actually nothing sinister, just very useful.

The Art of War by Sun Tzu and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich are books of Secrets, actually, very useful secrets. Lots of them have been sold, probably millions, so it’s not trivial to rank them as strictly “secrets” books except to the uneducated (and there are even bigger millions of those). What about “chess?”

In 2008, While in Savannah, GA There Was

The Chess Assassin’s Business Manual. This was a collection of stories and thoughts about three subjects: chess, business, and chess and business together. It was subtitled “Stories and Methods.” If you were thinking of going into business (even if it wasn’t chess) there are some useful “bits” in it. In fact, chesswise, in the Foreword to Purdy’s “On the Endgame,” (2003) GM Karsten Mueller mentions something about my “mentor” CJS Purdy which wasn’t widely known: Mueller writes about “A Fascinating Battle Between Rook and Bishop” and says that Purdy made an original contribution to endgame theory.

The thing about Purdy is that he “exposed” a lot of “stuff” about chess which weren’t generally known. Many of these were shown in the book we published in “My Search for Chess Perfection”. To some of us (many of us?) valuable advice. It sold well for Thinkers’ Press. It’s temporarily out of print (2015 is a likely date for a newer version).

But the book I wrote (TCABM) contains some jewels.

Both W. Steinitz and Bob Long were referred to as “grumpy.” Chess was our business Mr. Bond.

How I met famous chess people and my first was Bobby Fischer! Recently it was Carlsen and Caruana and believe it or not, my favorite, Topalov.

Do GMs bluff?

One guy was miffed when I refused to give him an appraisal for an armload of books he had (chess books). He said to me, “After all the stuff I have bought from you and you can’t answer an easy question. That’s the end of my business with you.” It wasn’t, actually, the last time we did business. Our service was legendary and my opinions were honest and usually, sound.

Why I don’t believe in “luck.”

The “biggie” based on a magician I knew about, Jimmy Grippo. It was about using the Ben Franklin hundred dollar bill. This is my favorite story in the book (and they were all true). Persuasion, sizing people up, making trips, buying collections. A boatload of fun.

How to run a Chess Festival. Lots of pictures and copy.

My favorite piece of art on chess (published only in this book, on page 120) was called “The Championship Game.” It was titled, “Awkward Moments in Chess Etiquette.” I was going to use it for this chess book’s cover but changed my mind because it would look like I was “pandering.”

Fischer and Memory. Personal interview.

There are personal pictures and memorable games. Even a picture I took of Judit Polgar and her father when she was 12!

How to be an excellent “chess organizer,” my friend Wray McAlester.

Literally, hundreds of MORE comments, pictures, and ideas. A sort of limited biography. I think Allan Savage called it a semi-autobiography.

It retails for $35. For a VERY limited time, through October, right before Christmas, I’ll sell you a copy for $20, POST PAID. I  think I have about 10-15 left. 7-10 typos if that doesn’t bother you too much. Lots of pages, 90 plus pictures.


Released at my October 2010 Last Chess Clinic. I did something no chess person has ever seen me do, sing in public! It was a part of a song by a Wisconsin group: the Bodeans, “Good Things.” It was my way of showing what can be accomplished if you really want something bad enough. I sold about 35 copies (out of 40 attendees) of that book at $40 each that afternoon. It was a pre-sale. Namely, after that day the price would go sky-hi, in fact, it is $99 or $100 on Amazon and believe it or not, I keep selling them! There were several reasons for that price hike, but at this time (maybe for a future book I will reveal it) I have to keep that a secret! Not telling. See Kevin Costner’s movie “Draft Day” for a “feeling” of what I am writing about.

However, because I want to get a debt paid, quickly, I am going to reduce the price to half of that, $50.00. But, just like that, it is going to have a very F-A-S-T deadline. It’s the only way to get some people to move at all. DEADLINE: September 16th (easy for me to remember, I get a year older!)

In the meantime, here are some of the contents of this 196 page book, reviewed very positively by GM Alex Yermolinsky.

Here are the Contents:

• To keep a secret, publish it!

• Secrets–Out of Control. The word on every other Gambit book title.

• Feedback–An Essential Ingredient.

• Gary’s Seven — from the whiz (Gary Lane) now living in Australia.

• Who Is Reliable?

• Napoleon Hill Matters.

• Pawns or Other Critical Things. What do you need to know about the Isolated Queen’s Pawn?

• Other Secrets, Practices, Cults.

• Methods of Getting Better.

• (The BIGGEST SECRET–sorry you have to buy the book for this one). 17 pages.

• What it takes.

• Models.

• A Program of Development. My “personal” but upcoming “Playbook” will expand considerably on this.

• Friday Night Intro.

• A BONUS Secret. I know personally of at least one who took this chapter to heart and he said it improved his marriage immensely! It (this chapter) has next to nothing to do with chess, but a lot to do with being happier than ever. Who couldn’t use that? Besides, it’s a bonus, The price of the book had already been determined when I added this.

• Disclaimers.

• Prologue.

IM Andrew Martin surprised me one day when he sent me his longest email ever (usually it is 1 or 2 sentences. This one involved whole paragraphs, at least 5, and was absolutely unsolicited! Here’s what ONE of those paragraphs said: “You are a reliable and conscientious person. I would strongly recommend you as a coach.”

The reason I didn’t follow up on this expression was that many chess players are notoriously cheap. They’ll pay, sometimes, an “international” who they barely can understand anywhere from $35-$125/hour for the “privilege” of talking to “royalty” (has an International title), but find it objectionable to pay a U.S. citizen (not a master) anything that would do them good because the “other expert” is local and has actually been seen in the “wild.” (That is, around town, or at a chess event.) To wit:

From Matthew 13:57 “And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.”

Figure out what that saying means in YOUR own life. Pretty potent.

In my life it means Kids and their Parents seem to pop only for: chess equipment or Instruction. I am NOT interested in having them as clients, not even at $100/hour!

Sometimes a non-master has years of experience (valuable memories, contacts, friends), but has honesty, and an ability to see deeply INTO the forest. Those who don’t have the experience can only “guess”, they can’t KNOW. Fifty bucks. I believe I have 7 copies left.

By the way, the title is: The Critical Secret for Success at CHESS or ANYTHING Else.


Lest I forget, the title of the third book (2012) is The Critical Secrets for Planning at CHESS, a metaphor, for ANYTHING Else. It too is a $99 or $100 book from Amazon and I am the only other one selling it. Why sell it through my competitors? One of the things my books advocate is self-discipline because there is so little of it these days and yet, it’s a BIG success-maker.

This book is even bigger, 219 pages. One warning, on page 219 I announced 2 additional BONUSES. No  one ever asked for them (see what I mean, even writing an email of any value takes some kind of self-discipline?) So those bonuses are no longer available.

By the way, these last two books are what I call “Private Label,” not generally sold. The high-price tag is partly designed to reinforce that to “wannabes.” That wasn’t a complete success however. I noticed, a long time ago, a “reviewer” (a total fraud, if he wore diapers he couldn’t review them to see if they needed changed–a cheap chess “guy” I know of, so, I do not need to hyperbolize–but quite interestingly I note he hasn’t done any new chess books!) panned my book (he borrowed it, by his own admission, from someone else–notice I didn’t say “friend”) because I had panned his (beyond terrible, one good story in it–but not written by him!).

Here are the Contents:

• Preface: The Long-Karbo Evaluation method. In that 10 pages I recommend buying Joe Karbo’s book, “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches.” But I don’t recommend getting that title when a co-author named Nixon is included. The Nixon one is easily available and people I know in the marketing business do NOT recommend that one, only the one written by Karbo himself, which is getting costlier and costlier even though Karbo sold millions of them. My copy is falling apart.

• Planning on Planning.

• Reading Between the Lines in Stages.

• The Art of the Start (A Plan)

• The Rules of the Game + 4 Ps

• Four Books to Change Your Chess World + some other recommendations.

• The Source Material on Planning.

• The Genius and Ingeniousness of Mikhail Botvinnik.

• Quotes: Joe, Dan, Gary, and Jack in Detail.

• The Secret Plan: The Odessky and Sun Tzu Files. (Now this is being done everywhere!!)

• Letting Go Works!

• The Escape–An Exit Strategy?

• The Mothers of Invention. This one needs some updating in perhaps a third book because the inventions are still happening.

• What is the Value of this Book?

• Bibliography.

Also $50 and only through Sept. 26, 2014. Don’t poke around (I know most of you will and it isn’t because of the $50.)


This may seem crazy but I am experimenting. In my 2012 event one of the “gifts” was a present made by Godiva chocolate because my friend Mary, in Pennsylvania, allowed me to become a limited distributor. It was really good and yes, I did give one to Carol. I had a couple left over and I gave them away to various people at the event. To Ed I said “give one to Laura.” He said he would. A week later I asked him if she got it. The extra Godiva. He said she did, but, I am still suspicious!

Anyway, to anyone who buys the most recent Critical Secrets book (the one on Planning), I will give them something GREAT from Godiva. I don’t know what yet, I just got their catalog. It will have to go by first class so be SURE to include your physical address. And, I am hoping and praying the USPS ships it intact!


The “TIP” is to read yesterday’s BLOG if you haven’t already because by giving me some information about the Benefits for you concerning CHESS, you’ll get something in return.

Amazingly, I got a LOT of feedback, but statistically, can use more.

As to the “Playbook” I am in the process of producing a small, but FREE (USA), book on how to get the most out of Chess and from me. The reason it came about is because of “laziness” and I am not talking about me. If I was that lazy, I would be fat. I am not fat. My brain would be dead, it is not dead.

I get questions about HOW TO PAY for something even though I have published the answer to this on blogs, in newsletters, in catalogs, etc. and some are too lazy to be bothered to look it up, probably because it isn’t on GOOGLE (I use Bing). This is annoying as hell because if I have published it dozens of times why can’t they look it up? My guess? Instead of printing it out, they have already hit the DELETE button!

The Playbook will be much more than that, but it will have a color cover so you can spot it anywhere in your abode! (I had to use this trick when I was running my typesetting business.)

The Playbook will have some surprises too. I won’t be available all the time 24/7. That has turned me into a Zombiefied, at everyone’s command, Answer Man! The other day I got an email from someone who wondered why I hadn’t answered his email immediately (that is, by the next day). The answer to that will be a “retainer!”

Examples will include quotes directly from emails I get. You’ll see I don’t make this up.

At any rate, there’s going to be some different ways of doing business in 2015. People who are demanding will get fired. People who order something, want it set aside, and never pay for it, FIRED. I will show Donald Trump he’s not the only guy who can say it.

Probably the most aggravating thing that happens to me are those people who think (?) THEY are the only person I deal with! The Playbook will show folks how to DEAL with me to get what they WANT. If there isn’t some kind of “timepiece” on the cover of this booklet I will have to shoot myself in the ass with an artillery piece! I just won’t have time for NON-profitable stuff. You might find it useful too for your personal (or BUSINESS) life.

The IRS has an accounting rule. If a reseller makes money on shipping, they have to declare it as “income.” When a vendor ships me 10 books and charges me $20 ($2/book) to do so, and it comes in a plain box, don’t you think that is an IRS violation? It is. The Chess Butler doesn’t do that. When a “non-profitable customer” drops me a line and uses such phrases as “that’s your problem not mine,” he has entered the Twi-Light zone of, being an “ass—-,” and he gets put on another list. Don’t need that kind of business. Funny thing, like most resellers, the very vast majority of my customers are nice people–the kind I might sit down and play a game of chess with (if I had time). Have a hamburger with, etc.  The problem with some ass—– is they don’t think (?) they are. But then there are a few who KNOW they are.

Anyway, the PLAYBOOK will come, with orders, FREE to virtually everyone. Probably the jerks won’t get one because I won’t be doing business with them unless they “mend” their ways. If you had a choice between having a Good Day or a Bad day, which would you choose?



THE GODIVA CHOCOLATE. Please allow several weeks while I get this set up with Mary.

The PLAYBOOK. When orders are shipped, a copy will be enclosed (FREE) with your order. If you get more than one, don’t worry about it. Leave it in the bathroom to study!

Going out for supper tonight with Carol. Stay cool (John Carlton tells people to “Stay Frosty.”) I think mine might have been borrowed from that rascal John Travolta.



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