We all live by the sweat of our brow. After that it is time to have some fun, right?

I have created a small questionnaire. When you answer it (please do) you will get something cool in return, via PDF (write your answers in an email to You will get the September issue of “Bob’s News Letter,” which, if I have planned it correctly, will be full of good articles, reviews, but no stand up comedy. I have a funny feeling it will run 16-20 pages, perfect for printing out and reading at your leisure (namely, before going to bed, in the john, on the train, or instead of TV).

What I am after IS “B-E-N-E-F-I-T-S” for you!


Myself I get certain benefits from being involved in chess, but that’s me. I would love to know what it is about chess that benefits you in some way. I could list possibilities but that would be what I have observed or felt, I would like to know what trips YOUR trigger.

Just send me an email with your comments and I will put you on the list as a temporary subscriber (Maybe a future permanent one?). Here we go:

a. How does an active chess life make you feel?

b. Are you a collector? If so, what do you like?

c. As a form of entertainment, how would you compare chess?

d. Do you feel “jacked” when you STUDY or get INVOLVED with chess?

e. Do you like the potential for solitude? Or the Social aspect of the game?

f. Other benefits (you like teaching, e.g., or going to tournaments or events, etc.)

g. Do you primarily enjoy “reading about chess?” (Many like that alone.)

h. Not much is needed to start a game: set, board, and an opponent. But to truly benefit and enjoy your camaraderie with chess, what else do you like?

i. Anything else? Hole up for a weekend? Travel? ???

This morning I just talked with a customer from Indiana. He said his prime mover was biographies!

What’s yours? Email, postcard, or even a letter would be great. To: Bob Long, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803

That’s it!

PS: If you are already a subscriber to BNL let me know and I will send you something else, of value.


It seems like Bob the Chesser has struck the “mother lode.”

1. My long awaited Grand Turk pieces are on their way here from India! Really been looking forward to these. Hopefully enough to put together 4-5 sets for the Christmas trade! Here comes Santa, here comes Santa.

2. The boxes to hold the Grand Turk Pieces are almost finished! What a gorgeous piece of woodworking. Actually, unbelievable. Better than a gun box made to hold a collectible Colt 45 or a Winchester rifle.

3. An item being designed and worked on with a company in Virginia, to accompany the Grand Turk boxes (called the Taj Mahal and Topkapi respectively), are in the works and should be here in 3-5 weeks if everything goes right according to Julea.

4. The AMONG THESE MATES book by Purdy’s pseudonym (Chielamangus) should be here in 2 weeks, or so.

5. The Black & White catalog has been sent to about 40 people and some are ecstatic about buying ONLY one thing from it to “get” AMONG THESE MATES at half price (50% OFF.)

6. The article on some of Purdy’s writings by Peter Tamburro appeared in the September Chess Life (got mine yesterday). People have kept me informed!

7. The MONSTER. I have made several connections in the past several weeks which will allow for a brand NEW book on Purdy next year with photos, games, and “forgotten” stuff about Purdy almost NO ONE except a few in Australia have ever seen regarding!! This will be a mind blaster. I am presently trying to figure a way for collectors and Purdy fans to pre-order the book at a Big Savings instead of the final price (which is always much higher as I hate, to my chagrin, to discover how many hours I have put in!) I have told others before how Purdy and Fischer held each other in high esteem! Waaal, there is an aerogramme (remember those?) from Fischer telling him the details of what a simul by Fischer would cost!!!. There will be more including, get this, a full color photograph of Purdy playing chess. How are these to titillate you? The MOTHER LODE.

I am sure there are other things I have forgotten. But in summary, please send a list of benefits and I will send you something in return.


If you got a copy of the new Black and White catalog (or if not, ask for one by writing to: please NOTICE the discount structure on page 2. WITH each book I have listed the retail price. You are supposed to take those to page two and find the NET price. OK? I think S&H is listed on the order blank page (and I thank you who have used that order form). Send it on with payment and we are READY TO GO!

Do you automatically think you have everything of interest to you from that catalog? I can tell that I have run into people who went back and found something “else” of interest. Our society is so in a hurry to get to the next thing that it is hard to enjoy the current thing. Hence, WHY I am asking about the BENEFITS you get from being involved in some way with chess.

ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE AN INCREDIBLE WEEK? I am looking forward to an incredible and great week. Come along.



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