Caruana and Carlsen drew their game, hence the higher – rated (Carlsen) loses some rating points but Caruana gained some more. He must be in the neighborhood of about 2840. I checked the “live stream” at the Sinquefield site. So we can all relax a little.

Earlier today I had looked at some comments somewhere and I discovered a posting by someone who should be sent to fight ISIS! Complete misunderstanding of what it means to be a fan. Said Carlsen, in effect, was a fraud and that the real match should be between Anand (who he said would tear Carlsen a new one!) and Caruana. It’s not that we wish to deprive even idiots of an opinion, it’s that they don’t even know what Carlsen went through to become world champion. Their remarks are completely unsubstantiated opinion. The comments are so stupid we should suspect he is just a trouble-maker and doesn’t even believe what he says. They are around for every big match. You can find out in the book “Assault on the Throne” by Kotronias. And for those who buy from the Chess Butler (that’s me) I have it for resale.

Sometimes I find myself accidentally on CNN and reading “letters” from the Peanut Gallery. And it appears many letters are from the same people, over and over, and some even know others by their names. My guess is that while I am there for a dose of Today’s News, they are there because they love the anonymous power they have to look insanely stupid in front of a world wide audience.

Like some of my marketing friends, I am about to stop myself from reading the news and its horrors permanently. What would I miss? Pretty much nothing. Experiencing Groundhog Day would be better.

What I do enjoy, however, is seeing people come back to my Blog. I don’t like doing Blogs, personally, they are time consuming, and I would rather put that stuff in my Bob’s News Letter, but, I had to tell you about the Sinquefield Cup round 8 so I can get my ass back to work. On the positive side it’s nice hearing from people again. I’m relearning this Blog stuff as I have gotten letters, replies etc. in my email but not for other people to see. Oh well, will be concerned about that another time.

I’ve been playing over some of my old games lately and I was pleased to see that occasionally I played some good moves. Not too sure what I would do today, but hopefully people who are at or near my age would have the same troubles! But yes, I still enjoy playing!




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