It’s been some years since I have published a full color catalog of Chess Books and Sets. In fact, counting the order page and cover, it is 22 full size 8.5 x 11 pages. It is called the Kitchen Sink catalog since it contains a little of everything from chess books with descriptive notation in them (sold several in the last few days!), to hardcover books, some older ones with dust jackets, and chess sets just as good as the House of Staunton sets but without all the paraphernalia (documents, nice boxes, certificates, and lock and key). But just to let you know, there are some HoS sets included.

Is the catalog FREE? Of course not. Everyone who ordered one in advance paid $10 for it plus some bonus pages. I have to work my ass off to produce these things and so, if you don’t want to pay the Prince or the Pauper, you just have to get your peeks from someone else. Items in it have already started selling included overseas and in the Midwest. Years ago, if you were a Chessco customer, I put out catalogs ranging in page numbers from 64 to 128 and one time in a paperback book size at 160! Several other things are on my mind:

1. The Bogoljubow Russian Master series is almost done. And to quote Martin Short (or perhaps misquote him), “I must say…” the Bogoljubow is the most fascinating study I have done in a long time. Despite losing twice to Alekhine, he had beaten AAA more times than ANYONE else, taking Alekhine down 16 times (while losing 43!) and 42 drawn games. But in this study I have included mostly briefer games just to show you what short work he made of some of the best players of the day. He worked Spielmann over continuously and only losing to him a few times. When is it expected in PDF form? Probably not for a week or two. If you are a regular purchaser from The Chess Butler you might be getting a FREE copy, otherwise with the 60+ games it contains it will cost you $13.95 or $15.95. To do a decent job on all these monographs they are taking more and more time so it could possible be $15.95. There is no postage since it will be emailed as a PDF.

2. What else? I am working on the July issue of Bob’s News Letter. $20 in PDF form. I have postponed doing a printed version after spending days doing a printed version of the Kitchen Sink catalog. The contents for July are many. As I get closer to the finish line I will tell you what the contents are. One, for sure, will be how to contain your library so you can get more. I have a couple methods that I have used successfully over the years for books, magazines, and DVDs. None of them involve lighting a match to anything!

3. Never underestimate the power of the brain. Wow, some amazing stuff. As I recent wrote a whole bunch of stuff about the King’s Gambit in the Kitchen Sink Catalog, I now see a big article on that concerning Simon Williams DVDs on ChessBase. The guy is hilarious and of wizard caliber including his friend Karsten Mueller. I have an offer in the KSC about how YOU too can because a recognized author and workaholic, all at the same time, but you have to write or call to get the details AFTER you get the catalog.

4. Still working on 2 other projects.

If you want to find out how “sweat” is produced, sign up for Bob’s News Letter.

Bob Long


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