Hey, howya doing?

It’s been several months right? I have 3 Mac computers I work from and I couldn’t remember which one I had used to set up up the BLOG, Bobthe Chesser. I have various “blog” type bookmarks on each machine.

Been putting in a lot of work on many projects.

The most recent release was Vol. 3 of the Purdy series,

“Inside Look at What’s Wrong with Your Chess”


It is a corrected and redesigned re-compilation of Purdy’s “The Fine Art of Chess Annotation and Other Thoughts Vols. 2 and 3.” In other words, I took the non-game material out of Vols.2 and 3 and put them into ONE book. 208 pages. It is a perfect primer for figuring out, “What the heck is wrong with my games?” He tells you right on the NEXT page and then spends chapters 1 and 2 explaining it with examples, very good examples. I’ve gotten good feedback from even the strong players!

Today, what agitated me into writing something on my BLOG (what an ugly word!), was the notion that a Blog shouldn’t be pressing all the time to be commercial. Now that is dumb because if you don’t like that, DON’T READ IT! People in marketing and promotion like ads, and stuff for sale because we want to see how the other guy does it and what it is he IS doing.

On the other hand we see people who believe ONLY in Content. After a while, many of them run out of content and are forced to write crap because they want themselves to be seen and approved. Haha.

I suppose, ideally, it should be a mix of both. Then another question arises, HOW OFTEN?

I read about 5 Blogs a week, none of them to do with chess (Except ChessBase)! Most of them are written from 4-5 times a week. Why not chess? Who knows, maybe I need a break, but I suspect there are few I like. Most of the “commercial” ones are really inept and boring. These “people” often have NO idea what they are writing about! No experience, no balls, and weak in the neurons dept.

However, today I want to tell you about one which is really good and that is the chess publication from the British Isles called KINGPIN. Lots of satire. This is no ad, it is just plain enjoyable. Today I read an interview from 1997 with Boris Spassky. Just go to:

Some nutcase responded (his name was Gilbert Hall) that in the last two paragraphs Spassky’s remarks were very strange. Not to me however. I had been a Spassky fan for a long time and think he could back up his remarks directly from his interview about Kasparov and Karpov. Spassky refers to “madness” in playing 150 such games, especially if they were “honest” hardworking chess. He believes there was some collusion. And why not, both players can be very practical. A great interview as I was also looking for info on Tony Miles (you’ll see why in the next paragraph).

Miles was England’s first GM, beating out Raymundo Keene. Miles was also famous for his two word book review, “Utter Crap.”

Where Miles interests me is that I am working on a book on the Nimzovich Defense for my BLUE GHOST RIDER series which originally was going to come out 6 times a year! What a dumb-assed idea on my part! To do these series of books proper justice will mean TWO a year since I have so many other irons in the fire. But two a year will be fine if indeed you get something out of them. One thing I found out about Miles is not only that he played the Nimzovich Defense assiduously but that he WON a heckuva lot of games with it (57.1% wins and 22.9% draws!) He had his own, well-worn patterns, and the ways he won were almost miraculous at times. I found games where his opponent would turn down repetitions of positions and then go on to lose. I saw one game, the last I considered, where his opponent resigned in a game that wasn’t lost!

There were games that were so complicated that Miles would miss certain sacrificial combinations that under other circumstances, he would just crunch. At his high-point Miles was a 2600 level player (because ratings are important to some who buy books!?) Miles died in 2001 and I will be publishing this book with a CD in 2014 (there will be other games than Miles such as Ian Rogers and my own where I played the ND). And I will tell you what, there will be some kind or resurrgence about Miles, mark my words. I do not know who the spy on my list is (no, I am not paranoid, I don’t even have one noid!) but there may be more than one. For example, for years it has irritated me that since the early 1900s publishers and authors seem unable to distinguish from “black” the color and “Black” the player. A few have, inconsistently. The other day I noticed “John Nunn’s Chess Course” got it right. But his books aren’t perfect yet though this one is a great read.

Whenever I write in my newsletter (Bob’s News Letter) that I would appreciate hearing from the subscribers, I hear from a few. One good friend of mine jokes that he is concerned about “hogging” the letters forum. He isn’t we just wonder why those who are retired are so lazy. And the ones who aren’t retired, behave as if they have nothing to say. What these recalcitrants don’t seem to understand is that the rest of them enjoy the writings of others (most of them). I edit out anything that is “idiotic” but, I seldom get those unless Gilbert Grape (above) on the Kingpin site.

Two things help us, Experience, and another E, Effort. Just try it. Where would Jack Bauer be (dead I suppose) if he pussyfooted around everything? and everyone? He buys his hobnailed boots at the Jack Bauer Ass-Kickers Store. He also sells giant Fanny Packs there too in case you are interested.

The Newsletter, by the way, is growing, over 3 dozen subscribers now. It’s $20 for 8 issues and you can get copies emailed to you immediately by paying twenty bucks to this writer, — if you want more payment details, just contact me, Bob Long.

Now I ask you, was this a Proper Blog? Information, some salesy things (that’s how I pay my bills, just like the ones you all have) and a link. It’s about “chess friends” not about people breaking their arms patting their own backs.

Gotta get back to working on my web site by meeting a couple guys this afternoon. There are “weenies” out there who won’t purchase from The Chess Butler because I don’t have a website. It’s impossible for them to figure out HOW to order and PAY me. I go through this every month. Recently one guy asked me about my Mailing Address and I replied: It’s right there on the flyers I send you! Ooops, a lightbulb-turned-off moment.

Oh yes, and by the way, if you would like a Sample Copy of “Bob’s News Letter” I will send you a PDF copy absolutely FREE. My goal this year is to have a minimum of 100 subscribers. If you want a publication with substance send me $20 (good old Jackson, Jackson) and I will whisk them to you. Right now there are 4 back issues for 2014 including the Sample. A friend of mine intends to distribute the NEW Chess Informants and wants me to pony up, which I will do if I can get a minimum of 8 people willing to be on an Autoship service I run. You do know what Autoship means don’t you? Years ago I was selling old chess items in a catalog with the word Antiquarian in the title. I actually had people asking me what the word “Antiquarian” meant??? It was not my first encounter with mental midgets but I wonder why they couldn’t or wouldn’t use a dictionary either in the real world, or online. I do not want illiterate customers, the problems with them are invariably ENDLESS.

See you soon (2-3 weeks?)

Bob Long

P.S. Do you have trouble using ChessBase 11 or ChessBase 12, You might be interested in my 75 page publication (with BONUS questions) called CB-BUDDY. At this time the price has stabilized at $33.95 for 4 issues in PDF. Just let me know. Supplements will be in the works.


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