Got my hair cut this morning and my barber had shown some interest in the Basketball Final Four stuff which was plastered all over the TV he has. But my “madness” is due to…

a thanks to everyone I heard from this month–some folks I hadn’t heard from in years! (Unfortunately.) Some don’t realize it is all relative. If they were 5 years older than I was 10 years ago, they STILL are! People keep telling me about their age, ailments, etc. but, is anyone having fun? I don’t tell anyone I am a wreck, or getting old, etc. because there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it. EVERYONE is getting older!

It started with my March 11-14 dealing for getting Inside Look at What’s Wrong with your chess? by C.J.S. Purdy. Ah yes, the Purdy Player is back! A few worriers were wondering if this material, taken from Purdy’s Fine Art of Chess Annotation and Other Thoughts was taken from Purdy’s My Search for Chess Perfection. I wasted a lot of time telling people “no.” Reason? Purdy’s body of work was huge he didn’t need to duplicate anything and neither did I. But just to be on safe ground I wasted more time checking to see if Purdy’s stuff on “Combinations” was divorced from what he wrote in My Search for Chess Perfection (8 chapters). It was. End of story. Move on.

What I learned is that there are still a lot of Purdy fans out there willing to pay good money for good stuff. Those who worry about a few bucks here and there (my price was “kinda steep” one person told me, a kind of first!) Or the costs of shipping overseas. My concerns about such stuff is becoming a thing of the past because being honest and having no control over such things, I just will not care whether someone buys the book or not because in the end, it seems to make no difference–that is, I didn’t give someone behind the scenes a Special Price or a Bonus or any of that. You have to earn those things from me. An order once a year doesn’t do that!

The number of presolds for this book were the most ever. God is my co-Pilot (Robert Lee Scott, jr) and he put the right words into my pen as I put together a marketing piece the likes of which I hope I can do many times again! It was actually fun writing those two lengthy emails because I have said, many times before, if the prospective reader isn’t interested, he simply won’t read much or any of it. But then I will occasionally hear from someone who hasn’t read the whole thing and what happens? They ask me questions which were answered in the “long copy.” We are in a really, really short attention span universe. I am betting the guy has no time for his wife!!

Something new is coming up… maybe two new things. One is 1 BOND St. about Purdy and much of it in his own hand. I am getting more subscribers and I believe I will issue another book, this one on Combinations! Some thought the book I was selling was about Purdy on Combinations when I never wrote anything of the kind. It was a subject headline taken directly from Purdy’s writings. But old C.J.S. had 8 chapters on Combinations in his SEARCH book, with no overlap into this one. I will repeat that in future advertising–NO FRIGGING OVERLAP unless I tell you so.

But to round out the book I will spend some time on finding some excellent combinations from Purdy’s own games. In Fact, BOND St has games by Purdy that were not published by Thinkers’ Press elsewhere or even republished by Purdy. But it will most likely be a smaller book and a bargain pricewise. I contacted ChessCafe to see if they wanted copies of the book I have been preselling and haven’t heard a thing from them. Not even the courtesy of a reply and I know the owner who proofread a couple of my books! Troubling times.

But stay tuned, more info is coming. And I think a chess web site too. You just keep buying from me and it will happen. Now that you are older and perhaps wiser, I do want to know what has kept your youth! Right? Lots of famous people are dying off in their 70s and 80s yet we are still here. I am betting that chess has something to do with that!

Bob Long


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