1. Purdy has a book coming out in a couple weeks called: Look Inside at What’s Wrong with Your Chess? This is NOT a type of Colin Crouch book (like from Everyman Chess). Over a 3-day I pre-sold a ton of them! Many, many on the first day of a 3-day offer. Not quite as many but a significant amount on the 2nd day and on the 3rd day, quite a few, almost as many as day 2. But I wasted a lot of business time on day 2 when many asked “dumb” questions about the book. If they had paid attention to previous mentions and what I wrote over previous time they would have known the answers and saved all of us from wasting valuable time. Often it is the same people! So I asked one of them, “What is the problem, you know the answers to this question, it was in the copy!!” He replied, “I only read the first paragraph and skim the rest!” Apparently his skimming isn’t worth a crap.

Today, on NPR I was listening to Tom Eastbrook (NPR) talk to people about Social Media. Tom is a bright guy but this time he didn’t ask the right questions or maybe he knew the right questions but was afraid of some kind of radio backlash. It was something like, two particular races use Twitter (appropriately named I should add) more than us white folks, why was that? The answers were incredibly bogus. It’s because in the main Twitter is limited to a gross of letters. Many of these, the unenlightened, can’t spell and neither can their twitterees so they can go faster or slower because it really doesn’t matter. When their social friends are with them, they are often seen “tweeting” someone who is not in their group. Ordinarily you would think that to be rude, but my guess is, it’s not, because what was once considered bad manners is OK these days! What do they have to say? It seems like most of it is useless chit-chat.

Do the rest of us really have time for this? With people still out of work, job hunting, is this going to impress a prospective employer? Not if it is someone who wants his business to be profitable! I had an employee search for a job as a business manager (he was in the back office) but it seemed that I was not used as a reference. It most likely was that I figured out he was wasting a lot of my time and money on the internet instead of doing bookkeeping. When I called him on it his defense was that the “Bookkeeping was making him sweat!” Of course, instead of studying the manuals, asking questions, and doing some thinking, he was job hunting on my time and dime.

2. I’ve had several people ask me when Thinkers’ Press inc (TPi) was going to issue e-Books? This one really blew my mind! None of them even came up with a possible answer! Most eBooks don’t make money although in this case they make even less! Why? Do people think these books magically appear? Nope, someone has to make them into an eBook and that can cost from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the type of book and difficulty of making it.

Some time ago someone tried to inveigle me into putting My Search for Chess Perfection by Purdy into an eBook. What? “Oh, it’s easy” he said to me. I really doubted that or he would have done a chapter to show me how easy it was and how much time it took him. His platform was different than other platforms but that doesn’t matter because, “It’s easy!” Soon as I hear the word “Easy” I know it almost always is not easy, especially when it is not a piece of hardware. If it was easy I would have already done it. Business owners have many irons in the fire if they are at all still in business. Experimentation is a tricky thing, often an unknown quantity. Apple buys companies because there are experts already attached to that company and Apple doesn’t have to go around re-inventing the wheel.

There are lots of job possibilities out there for those who want to work and are willing to train to learn some new technologies. I knew a software engineer from India who came to the USA and he had a 5-year contract with his employer who was probably taking advantage of his expertise. But as the said engineer got used to the “ways” of people living here he wanted more and one of those things was to get out of his contract. Typical of that age bracket. Why didn’t he invent his own software business on the side? “Because then I won’t have time for fun on the side!” It’s called “temporary sacrifice” chum to get what you want later. In other words, he just wasn’t “hungry” enough or willing to invest in the “school of hard knocks.”

Millenials, except for the doers, are whiners. I even suspect, alone in their room when they aren’t tweeting, that they know that.

I remember one kid in a college algebra class I was teaching (to make extra money for something I wanted) at a Community College. After the first test, where he got a C on his test, he came to me after class and he had tears in his eyes. When it was his turn to discuss the paper with me, before he could say anything, I looked at him, eyeball to eyeball, and said, “You were used to getting A’s in high school without working hard for them weren’t you?” He looked slightly surprised. Then he said, Yes.” I suggested that he was lucky he had me for a teacher so that he wouldn’t find out when he was 30 that he had been sliding by. After the semester was over, he had gotten a B in the course and he thanked me! Imagine that. If he had been a moron he would have blamed me to his friends. We call that “entitlement.”




  1. Bob, I am glad to read that the “3 day sale” was at least to some degree successful. I know I got my order in right away, having read the ENTIRE text of the e-mail you sent out. I find as an educator that the “scan reading” of material is becoming increasingly common among the learners in my classes. They do not read thoroughly, make mistakes and then somehow blame me for not providing enough information, when what they needed was there all the time. I wonder if the speed of technology has encroached into literacy levels.

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