Life really is that yin and yang thing isn’t it? Do I invest today or do I sit back and look for the trends?

Should I change my opening repertoire or stick with what I know?

Myself I think what we all need are excellent people we can trust, always. You say “Bob, they are hard to find!” In the short term that may be true, so it takes time to cultivate good relationships. Don’t hang around gossipers or those who like to tear everyone and everything down. Do you have any idea how much stress you will cut out of your life? Avoid “losers” of all types: liars or unreliables. Don’t make excuses for them.

Today I saw a review of the new Fritz 14 at chessbase.com — I found the guy’s story interesting but not compelling. He kept mentioning how he could beat the older chess computers and he can’t on the new ones. Is that news? Is that a review?

So I give him an A for doing something. I would give him a C for writing and making it interesting. Did ChessBase publish this because it was submitted or because it was the best they had received? I give ChessBase an A for keeping the news coming out daily and for giving us something entertaining to read in the morning. I give them a B for the quality of their News Articles and Publicity about their products.

I have witnessed chess players on computers, action at the 1982 US Open with computers, and so on but the writers and publishers don’t seem to have much of a sense for drama.

But there was ONE thing I got out of the article which I didn’t previously know and it was quite helpful. But, at this time I can’t tell you what it was. Isn’t that more dramatic? A little bit of a cliff-hanger? Especially if you are the curious type. I can give you a little hint and maybe the “reveal” will come another day. It’s about MANUALS.

By the way, it’s still a good idea if now and again I sell something so this little spot will serve to tell you I have completed Article 3 for CB-BUDDY on how to use ChessBase 12 for DATABASE MANIPULATION. I can also thank the writer of that article (Ken Blake) for mentioning (as I do in CB-BUDDY #3) that ChessBase can be difficult to negotiate your way around without a guide. Most of you, unless you have been a longtime user, already know that. A subscription to all 4 issues of CB-BUDDY is $33.95 and comes in the form of 4 PDFs so you need an email connection at this point. A printer would help too. The last issue of the series will be available in a couple weeks. You can contact me at: info@chessbutler.com for more information… Bob


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