It was somewhere around the late 80s when Mark (my manager at Alphabytes) and I were running a bulletin board to get our feet wet in pre-internet days.

Blogs have since come along and the vast majority of them, IMHO, are ludicrous. However I can conceive of at least ONE significant purpose–letting you know what’s going on when no one else seems to know!

Right now I have been having problems doing mass mailings to my good customers and I can only hope they don’t think I am ignoring them!

I am not connected to Google+ at this time for good reason so in one way this “bulletin board” idea called BOBTHECHESSER is more personal!

Didn’t many of us believe (?) that electronics and computers would make our lives better? Did they? Not really. It’s now that we just have “high-speed screwups.” That allows us MORE TIME to create more screwups!

Today I am blowing hours trying to get a problem solved. One person who has been helping me talks to me from the Ukraine! This is the country where many hate its president but the Russians love the country (more claws). She is not in Kiev, fortunately, but the wars of hate persist.

Not only do people not get along, the savage ones among them DO NOT WANT to! Never have. There can’t be peace in the Middle East for long! Too much sand in their underwear!

But if you want to know about issues here at the Chess Butler. Check out my “blog.” I will “attempt” to keep you up-to-date. I look forward to having my own website once again so that customers can download the latest PDFs. Some will be free others are on a PAID basis and that means a dumb-assed password process. I really dislike passwords for a lot of reasons because there are more “bad guys” out there than “good guys.” Time to bring back HANGING! In the mid-second millenium England was guilty of hanging KIDS! Doesn’t look like it taught any of them anything! Don’t know what the solution is except I have ONE idea which I used on my own kids: deprive them of something they really LIKED!!! My daughter loved being outside, so I made her stay inside. Rob liked being inside so I sent him outside. Nate? Didn’t have any problems with him…



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