My newest publication, CB-BUDDY, which explains ChessBase 12 through 4 publications of at least 16 pages each has made my day! The first two issues are out. The price is $33.95 in PDF form. I expect to be working on #3 later this week.

You get the fundamentals and LOCATIONS of where the NEEDED functions are (the tabs are not self-explanatory.) All I can positively say is that most of what you might need will be under the HOME tab!

There may be an advanced edition down the road!

I used CB-10 for years and when CB-12 came out, I was still using CB-10. But I am gradually swinging over to 12 as there are some more useful functions! No kidding. I didn’t write “more useful explanations,” I wrote “more useful functions!”

Hope you sign up today. Contact Bob Long at info@chessbutler.com to get the latest news you will be more than glad you did. I am getting great feedback on these illustrated PDFs, already 16+ figures. All material is copyrighted 2014.



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