How many chess jokes do you know?
I know one and if I repeat it, I might mess it up… the one about “chess nuts roasting over an open foyer,” or something like that.
Oh I forgot, there was another one, about a guy’s dog who plays chess and the dog’s owner says to a friend, “He’s not so great, last week I beat him 3 out of 4 games!”
When it comes to chess humor, there just isn’t much. Most of the cartoons are pitiful too. Chess humor seldom reaches much into the status of grandmaster humor.

If you know any GOOD chess humor, put it in the box below.

There was one quip about Miscrosoft’s Bill Gates when he played Magnus Carlsen and lost in 9 moves. Just go to for the absolute details.

Today I have done some work in #3 of the Soviet Chess Masters series #3, Fedor Bogatirchuk. WOW. This one will be good. I think the only thing missing were fisticuffs… yet Boga did beat Botvinnik 3 times and it wasn’t in a match. You’ll really do yourself a favor by checking this out when it becomes available. I may move it to this year rather than #3, decision hasn’t been made yet.

Bob “the chesser”


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