About 10 minutes ago I read someone else’s blog, a rarity for me. Now I am going to shock you by giving you the link to Kristen’s blog. Never done that before! Why not? Because most blogs are boring. But this Kristen person writes about business problems and I’ve experienced the same deja vu! Why people do hopelessly dumb things. I have nothing to say about chess today (one of my niches) but something just as important, WRITING.

You might have to copy and paste because WordPress doesn’t make “how to do this” obvious. I saw the “link” part but it doesn’t seem to work in an obvious way–just like many other websites. But, in the preview it’s red so maybe it does work. Asinine.

Check Kristen out. Pretty smart for a 40 year old! LOL! It’s long but I read (indeed) most of it. I enjoy reading smart women. Wish us guys could get the same feeling from other guys for purposes of business promotions.

Bob: contact me at: or leave a message.


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