Every year, since 2009, I’ve issued Gold Cards which give the owner (for $50) lots of discounts on products, lesser rates to events (which usually pay for themselves), previews of lists of used merch and other things before anyone else gets to have them (and hence, buy first when the quantity is small!)

I counted a year or so ago, about 14 benefits from having the 2013 Gold Card.

Now it is time for the 2014 Gold Card. This special offer ends March 31, 2014.

If you sign up before the deadline, and I haven’t run out of these souvenirs, you get a 52 year old commemorative souvenir designed by Victor Lopez, a California designer friend of mine. It’s in gold embossing (the cachet) and looks, well, gorgeous. On this envelope is a commemorative chess date stamp (you may have gotten an emailed PDF about this if you are on my lists) That is also cool. On top of that the chess stamp is cancelled with that date stamped and the date is what? It is July 13, 1972 and I have advertised it as the Date/Game that never was. That was to be Game 2 and Fischer, even though he would have had the white pieces, didn’t show! Was I an onsite Fischer fan at the time? Bet your ass the answer was NO! I wanted Spassky to clobber him.

I got back to the USA with a score of 2-0 in favor of Spassky and nothing to cheer about until he started winning… which, he did.

I got about 25 of these envelopes especially stamped with that DATE which remained in infamy: Fischer not showing up and with no concern for his fans. He never explained how Fox’s camera caused him to lose and Spassky to win Game 1.

Anyway, I have about 19 left. I suggest it is worth $25-$35 and you get one FREE (just one) if you buy a 2014 Green Gold Card (which is currently at the printer’s). I should have them next week and I will mail your FREE souvenir and your Gold Card with your name on the back.

I suspect I will sell out because I am making a mailing to last year’s Gold Card holders. However, IF that should happen, I have a few of another design which is also for that Chess Event in 1972 and you will get one of those. But if you want THIS scarce item you will have to ACT right away.

My guess is you should hurry and get one of these which you can mount or otherwise display. As I said, I only had a small number of them made up and never got around to selling them. I was rooting through 6-7 large boxes in the attic this morning and VOILA! I have somewhere around $30,000 worth of souvenirs from various chess places around the world. I won’t take your first born, but if this kind of thing attracts you the way it did me, we should talk… SOON. I can fill you in on any questions for buying purposes you may need.

PS: When you think, “Who has $30,000?” I look at all the SUV’s out on the road every day. In fact, I had to call Enterprise today to get one while my regular car is being repaired (someone T-boned me and physical therapy later + car damage is my mantra…ugh.)



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